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Episode #Clip #Clip Description
181Megazord poses battle ready, then begins to walk to our slight right as camera pans up and follows its approach.
182Goo Fish approaches Megazord, stabbing golden fish stick, which gets blocked, but the second attempt strikes with spark results. Goo Fish passes by while swiping weapon, but misses Megazord, which then blocks another strike, knocks the monster’s weapon back, only to get sparkily slashed when Goo Fish rushes off to our left, leaving Megazord staggering, then posing.
184Goo Fish stabs at Megazord, but it blocks. Goo Fish then kicks, Megazord blocks. Goo Fish spins and slashes weapon, sparkily striking Mega. But the next slash gets blocked, as Megazord grabs golden fish stick and leads Goo Fish around, the tug of war ending as Megazord finally smacks right fist down at the staff.
185Close up of Megazord’s right fist sparkily breaking golden fish stick in half.
188Close on Megazord’s feet as blue spray showers onto both of them, cut away before shot finishes panning up.
190Pan up from Megazord’s mucus encrusted feet, as it struggles futilely in place.
192Megazord bursts with sparks, then explodes, as Goo Fish stands, back to us, in foreground.
193Close angle repeat of Megazord bursting with sparks, then explodes.
194Megazord falls onto its stomach, then rolls to its right side, as Goo Fish excitedly flaps arms about in distance.
195Close on Megazord, lying on its right side, chest smoking profusely, slight zoom in as it lifts up on its right arm, then suddenly, eyes gleam yellow energy.
196Megazord goes from lying on its right side, to standing up, arms in the air, then posing battle ready.
1100Continued from farther angle, Goo Fish surges with reddish electricity, and falls, exploding massively as Megazord stands in foreground, frozen victoriously.
261Megazord tromps forth with wide steps in upward angle in quarry, until reaching Fighting Flea, they lock in a hold, before turning to the side and breaking free. Fighting Flea kicks, Megazord blocks, then punches, but it’s blocked. They grab each other in another hold, only to break off once more, each pushing back away and posing battle ready.
263Megazord poses battle ready, then begins to slowly march forth, shot zooming in as it does.
264Fighting Flea kicks at Megazord, which blocks, then sparkily punches back. Megazord smacks at Fighting Flea, who dodges and rolls to our right, gets up and strikes to lunge, but Megazord sparkily strikes Fighting Flea again, knocking him off.
267Fighting Flea slashes past Megazord, sparkily, as he leaps to our right in front of it.
268Fighting Flea slashes past Megazord, sparkily, as he leaps to our left behind it.
270As Fighting Flea’s legs loom in foreground left, Megazord spark bursts, which grows to a more pronounced explosion engulfing it.
271Repeated from a closer angle, Megazord spark bursts, which grows to a more pronounced explosion engulfing it.
272Pan up from Megazord’s staggering feet, as it stumbles back, chest smoking, regaining bearings.
276Explosion bursts into a lingering cloud of smoke and a small fire, as seen between the legs of the Megazord.
372Jellyfish begins to step forth, when Megazord walks into the foreground, causing the monster to stand back nervously.
373Megazord poses battle ready, then marches forth. Jellyfish rushes up, kicks, it’s blocked, leading to the monster leaning down and sparkily striking Megazord with his sharp head. They let off each other for a second, then Jellyfish dashes past, trying to tentacle swipe, but misses, Megazord kicks, it’s blocked. Jellyfish rushes past, sparkily slashing Megazord with his tentacles.
374Close on Megazord, chest smoking, as it readies right fist, zoom in as it punches at the screen.
375Close on Jellyfish, blocking Megazord’s fist, only to have its other fist suddenly swing in and sparkily punches.
376Close on Megazord, chest smoking, as it readies left fist, zoom in as it punches at the screen.
377Close on Jellyfish getting sparkily punched in whatever passes for a face, staggering back and preparing arms.
378Close on Megazord, readying right fist again as it stomps forth a few steps.
379[Teleport warp effect added.] Megazord tries to punch Jellyfish, but he teleports off behind it. Megazord turns, rushes at the taunting monster, and he teleports off to the middle of the screen. Megazord turns and charges at Jelly, but again, he teleports behind it, prompting the Megazord to try again, this time getting sparkily struck by the monster, causing it to stagger aside.
380Pan up from Megazord’s stumbling feet as it staggers back, then poses battle ready once more.
382Zoom out as Megazord catches Power Sword in right hand, whips it around, poses, then steps forth and stabs it into the zooming-in screen.
383Megazord stabs sword into Jellyfish, who snags the blade between both hands, keeping it from striking him. So the Megazord guides Jellyfish around to the other side, then using the sword as leverage, lifts him up.
384Megazord flips Jellyfish completely over with a little help from the sword, which he finally releases.
387Continued from a farther point, Jellyfish spins while crackling with pink energy, finally falling and after a blue flare, he bursts into a massive explosion as Megazord’s leg and sword remain still and poised, just barely in frame.
467Facing each other across the battlefield, Mantis and Megazord stand frozen, as dust blows past them, from our right to left.
468Zoom out from Mantis’ feet as he slowly moves to our right, one leg over the other, arms up, while the Megazord looms in the foreground in place.
469Reverse angle, as Mantis poses in place, while Megazord steps forth, gets in a battle ready stance, and the dust blows in.
472Mantis lands both sharp arms into Megazord’s chest sparkily, then clenching arms around Mega’s sides, only to have it defend with its own arms, locking the pair. After a shift to the side, they break off. Mantis then kicks, its blocked, Megazord dodges the monster’s next hit, until he twists around and sparkily slashes it away.
473Pan up from Megazord’s stumbling-back feet, chest smoking, before finally posing battle ready.
474Zoom out as Megazord catches Power Sword in right hand, then poses battle ready with it.
475Mantis rushes up, he and Megazord lock arm & sword, before breaking off, turning around, they clash weapon to arm again, before Mantis sparkily slashes Megazord in the chest. During all this, the camera is tracking around to the left. Mantis raises both arms and slices downward, prompting Megazord to lift the sword horizontally to block. They struggle, shift positions, and finally break off, just so the monster can sparkily slash the Megazord in the chest again.
477Mantis lands both arms downward into Megazord’s horizontally held sword, until it uses the leverage to toss him away.
478Megazord flips Mantis completely over.
480Megazord raises sword up, then steps forth and prepares to slash.
481Megazord sparkily slashes into Mantis, then does it again as it passes by him, before turning and stopping, facing us.
546Side view as the fully formed Megazord body folds up into a standing position, while still racing to our left at a swift speed, a flash of yellow energy erupting as it completely stands, becoming the living Megazord, posing battle ready amid the dusty wind.
549Megazord & Dragonzord step forth, side by side, Dragon raising out arms and roaring for a moment, Megazord posing battle ready.
553Megazord & Dragonzord look up and around at the sky, surprised by the sudden nightfall over the battlefield.
555Megazord & Dragonzord do a quick pose, before marching forth to our slight left in a zoom in.
556Dragonzord whips tail around, Dramole ducks, rushes over to Megazord, kicks, it’s blocked, but then sparkily slashes Mega. He turns, Dragonzord tail whips again, misses, then Dramole & Dragon get into a lock, switching positions, before Dramole breaks free and sparkily slashes it away.
557Dragonzord staggers back, chest smoking. Megazord touches him concernedly, then steps forth and poses battle ready before him.
559Dragonzord & Megazord burst with sparks, which leads to the ground near them exploding brightly.
560Close side angle repeat as Dragonzord & Megazord burst with sparks, which leads to the ground near them exploding brightly.
561Megazord & Dragonzord fall onto their sides, prompting Dramole to clap in glee.
562Megazord lies, dazed, on the ground, pan left to Dragonzord in a similar state, turning on its left side, slight zoom in on his chest.
570[Partially darkened from source.] Close on Dramole as he falls and rolls, getting up in a daze, as Dragonzord & Megazord step into the foreground, facing him.
571[Darkened from source.] Megazord steps ahead of Dragonzord, which roars and arm gestures briefly, and after shot zooms in, Megazord poses battle ready.
698Pan up as Megazord casually strolls forth, walking slowly toward the camera, with wide arm movements.
699Megazord punches, Grumble Bee slips away, tries to hit back, but Mega blocks then sparkily hits him in return. The monster stumbles back, Megazord kicks, it’s blocked, Mega punches, Grumble skitters away, they face each other again, and once more, Megazord sparkily punches Grumble Bee.
6102Zoom out as Megazord gets intermittent spark bursts striking its chest, causing it to stumble backward, finally posing when they stop. Zoom in as Megazord poses battle ready, then slowly marches forth once more.
6106Grumble Bee kicks both feet sparkily into Megazord’s chest. Megazord staggers back to our right, chest smoking.
6109Grumble Bee fires off yellow sonic waves of energy at Megazord, striking it as it raises its arms, until a series of explosions bursts brightly around it.
6110Close on Megazord’s feet as its chest spark bursts out of frame, staggers back, then the ground explodes in front of it brightly.
6111Pan up from Megazord’s feet as staggers back, then poses battle ready.
6113Slow zoom in as Megazord marches forth, Power Sword in right hand, held up.
6116Close on Megazord raising sword over head and slashing at the screen.
6117Megazord sparkily slashed Grumble Bee with sword, then does it again as it passes by him.
791Dragonzord & Megazord pose battle ready, then slowly march forth, side by side.
795Two-Headed Parrot lands against Dragonzord & Megazord, sparkily slashing both away.
796Dragonzord & Megazord stagger back, chests smoking, they then pose battle ready.
798Two-Headed Parrot prances over, ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, blocks Megazord’s kick, gets his kicked blocked by Megazord, ducks under Dragon’s tail again, then sparkily slashes him, then faces Mega again.
7101Megazord’s chest sparks, then the ground erupts in a bright burst of sparks, zoom in as it stumbles off.
7102Pan up from the stumbling-back legs of the Megazord, as he steadies, chest-smoking, then prepares to pose arms.
7108Dragonzord spreads arms and roars as Megazord joins his side and poses battle ready.
7110Zoom out from Titanus’ face as the Megazord jumps into his already-ready and open back cavity.
7111Camera tracks left as green electricity crackles about, and Dragonzord lowers onto the Titanus-based Megazord to make the MegaDragonzord, forming the completed Ultrazord.
889Peckster pecks into Megazord’s chestplate, causing it to spark burst.
890Pan up from Megazord’s stumbling-back feet, as it staggers off in front of what looks like disused buildings.
891[Shield materialization effects added.] Megazord motions arms, raises left arm, then the Mammoth Shield materializes on it, zoom in as it steps forth and poses battle ready.
893Megazord, with shield, starts to march forth.
895Peckster sparkily pecks into the Mammoth Shield, causing him to stagger back in a daze.
897Zoom in as Peckster tries to peck, only to get sparkily punched away by the Megazord.
899Megazord steps forth and poses battle ready with the shield again.
8104Megazord poses battle ready against the wind coming at it from our left, then using the shield to block it.
8106Megazord holds Mammoth Shield to block the wind, but the gale force is too strong, knocking the shield away and it over.
8109Leaning back and being blown across the battlefield, Megazord’s chest spark-bursts as it just finishes its backwards blow across the scene.
8110Zoom out as Megazord falls and skids onto its left side, flops onto chest, then hoisted itself back to its left side.
8112Megazord, on its left side, motions to head with arm, and unleashes a whiteish yellow beam from its horn.
8115Zoom out as Peckster falls and rolls across battlefield, as Megazord steps into frame and looms.
8117Close on Peckster as he gets slashed by energy beam, explodes with sparks and ring pulsing, zoom out as he spins around then falls, red electricity erupting, until he hits the ground and flares with a blue light, that releases a massive explosion. Track right to the Megazord, still holding its sword outward as it remains frozen in place before the lingering fire.
9113Megazord marches in from the right, cheering up Dragonzord, who gets up and faces front, spreading arms and roaring as Megazord poses battle ready.
9115[Transitions in via turning panel effect.] Dragonzord & Megazord pose again, then start slowly marching forth together, zoom in on Mega.
9116Lizzinator sparkily bashes both Dragonzord & Megazord in the chests at once, they stagger back. Dragon whips up tail, Lizz rolls under, sparkily slashes Mega away,
9117Dragonzord staggers back until it reaches Megazord’s side, both then posing battle ready.
9120Lizzinator stands to the foreground side spewing his breath at Dragonzord & Megazord, it ceases just as they spark burst, followed by a massive blast directly in front of them.
9121Dragonzord & Megazord stagger backwards, side by side, before finally stopping.
9123Megazord raises its left arm up, then poses battle ready. Dragonzord, watching it, then nods and does his own battle pose.
9125Zoom out from Titanus’ face as the Megazord jumps into his already-ready and open back cavity.
9126Camera tracks left as green electricity crackles about, and Dragonzord lowers onto the Titanus-based Megazord to make the MegaDragonzord, forming the completed Ultrazord.
1194Megazord and Dragonzord each step into frame from opposite sides, and face Slipper Shark, who gets in a defensive stance.
1195Reverse angle on Dragonzord & Megazord standing side by side.
1197Slippery Shark races around Megazord, passing between it and Dragonzord, then returns to his original spot, before sparkily slashing Megazord. He ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, runs around, does it again, then sparkily slashes Mega again, taunts the pair, then ducks under Dragon’s hand, runs behind him, sparkily slashes him, then ducks under Megazord’s punch, runs off, taunts, then rushes over, kicks it, then runs off again.
1198Close on Megazord, chest smoking, staggering back, adjusting arms, then posing battle ready.
1199Zoom out as Megazord catches the Power Sword in its right hand, then slashes it across, holding it outward, then starts marching forth.
11100Megazord approaches, but Slippery Shark ducks under its sword swipe, dances about, taunting, until Mega turns, and the monster sparkily slashes it. More dancing and taunting, then Shark dodges Megazord’s sword thrust, more dancing & taunting, before it rushes past Mega, sparkily slashing again.
11101Slippery Shark slashes fin blade at Megazord, who blocks it with its horizontally held sword, before shifting around and holding the fin blade downward. The Shark struggles, wanting to slip away but can’t, pan down to his feet kicking up dust as they rapidly dance in place.
11103Slippery Shark gets sparkily struck by Dragonzord’s tail, causing him to stagger away from Megazord, which releases his fin blade.
11105Megazord raises sword as it whips it around and poises it forth, before slowly marching ahead during zoom in.
11106Power Sword & Fin Blade clash twice, before Slippery Shark & Megazord lock weapons against each other’s left shoulders, shifting positions, then both release, sparkily slashing one another. They stagger back, the Shark the first to strike back, but his blow is blocked. He then raises his sword to block as Megazord raises its sword to slash.
11107Close on Megazord raising sword high up over head then slashing it down and forth.
11109Another close shot of Megazord slicing sword straight down at the screen.
1268Close side angle, pan up, as the fully formed Megazord body folds up into a standing position, while still racing to our left at a swift speed.
1270Megazord & Dragonzord walk into frame, facing each other. They pause, look our way, then raise arms and pose battle ready at us.
1272Megazord holds its right arm up, as it and Dragonzord slowly march forth and to our left as shot zooms in.
1273Dragonzord goes to whip back tail, and Soccadillo slams his armored back into him. Megazord tries to punch but the monster dodges, then ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, before sparkily bashing back into Mega, before readying hands at the approaching Dragon.
1281Dragonzord steps forth, gesturing arms in surprise, as Megazord watches on from the back.
1284Soccadillo in Ball Mode swoops between Dragonzord & Megazord, spark bursting both as it passes to our right.
1285Soccadillo in Ball Mode swoops between Dragonzord & Megazord, spark bursting both as it passes to our left.
1287Dragonzord steps forth, gesturing arms in surprise, then starts marching forth, with Megazord following right behind him.
1289Reverse angle as Soccadillo stands in foreground, while Dragonzord & Megazord are bombarded by spark bursts.
1290Repeat, closer side angle, as Dragonzord & Megazord spark burst and stagger back as explosion erupts.
1381[Flashing, and purple energy effect added; Fades to next shot.] The huge cloud of smoke suddenly flashes, as a purple swirl of energy spins about, leading to the fully formed Megazord slowly stepping out of the smoke, then posing battle ready.
1383Close on Megazord’s feet, as they come together and jump.
1384Megazord leaps up into the air, and punches both fists into the screen during zoom in.
1385Rhinoblaster gets sparkily punched in the face by both of Megazord’s fists, knocking him back.
1386Zoom out as Rhinoblaster rolls to a crouch, holding out sword, as Megazord’s legs land in foreground, facing him.
1393Dragonzord walks over to Megazord, who looks at him, nods, then both face front, posing battle ready.
1484Megazord & Dragonzord walk into frame from opposite sides of the screen, then turn forward and pose battle ready, then slowly march to our slight left as shot zooms in.
1486Zoom out as Commander Crayfish & Megazord lock arm in arm, while Dragonzord blocks Black Mutant’s passing axe swipe, whips tail back to block Green Mutant’s Sword of Darkness jab, then blocks Blue Mutant’s split-lance side slicing by spreading arms, spinning and tail-smacking him away, dodging Black’s next pass, then posing.
1487Closer angle on Commander Crayfish as he slices sword down against Megazord’s chest sparkily, then raises sword to attack the staggering-back Megazord.
1488Close on Megazord blocking sword with left forearm, then pounding down the monster’s hand, before sparkily bopping Commander Crayfish away.
14101Zoom out as Commander Crayfish is lifted up by the three Mutant Rangers, before the dumbfounded Dragonzord & Megazord.
14103Megazord & Dragonzord are marching forth, when they run right into the Mutant chariot, knocking them both back. They press forth once again, both shoving the Mutant trio back a few steps, before the Mutants regain the ground and shove the Zords back even farther.
14105Close on Megazord’s feet as they stagger back.
14107Close on Megazord’s waist getting kicked back by Green & Blue Mutants’ feet.
14111Megazord & Dragonzord get chest-bursted by sparks, leading to a bright flash explosion in front of them.
14112As flash fades, side angle on staggering-back Megazord & Dragonzord, amid the smoke.
14113Direct, close angle on Megazord & Dragonzord finishing their stumble back.
14115Dragonzords steps forth, jerkings arms as Megazord looks at him.
14116Zoom in as Megazord jumps into his already-ready and open back cavity.
1550Under the sea, close on the Megazord as it sinks directly down in the ocean.
1551Under the sea, alternate shot close on the Megazord as it sinks directly down in the ocean.
1552Under the sea, close on the sea floor as Megazord lands both feet on the bottom of the ocean.
1553Under the sea, Megazord takes a look around at the sea floor, then slowly marches forth.
1554Under the sea, Megazord walks across the ocean bottom to our left, then pauses, looks around, zoom in as it appears to spot something.
1558Under the sea, Megazord raises its right arm, then lowers, firing orange beam with blue electricity from horn to our slight left.
1559Under the sea, the Ecocyte Pearl explodes, as seen between Megazord’s legs.
1562Under the sea, zoom in on Megazord as it looks to its left, at us.
1564Under the sea, Oysterizer sparkily punches Megazord, with each fist, then sparkily kicks it back.
1566Under the sea, Oysterizer double-punches Megazord, bright spark-bursting it into a stagger away.
1567Under the sea, Megazord falls onto the ground on its chest, then rolls to its left side as shot zooms in.
1569Under the sea, zoom in on the downed Megazord as it reacts to the approaching menace.
1570Under the sea, Oysterizer goes over and stomps left foot onto Megazord, grinding heel in as it grabs at his leg during zoom in.
1571Under the sea, reverse angle, Oysterizer continues grinding his heel into Megazord’s chest plate.
1580Under the sea, Oysterizer’s lording over Megazord comes to an end when Dragonzord’s tail sparkily knocks him off.
15108Remaining in the position it slashed the chain in, zoom out as Megazord turns and straightens up, Power Sword in hand, in front of the fallen Dragonzord, before turning head.
15109Close on Megazord, holding sword to our left, looking downward and raising arm near head.
15110Over the shoulder angle, as Megazord lowers arm, unleashing a yellow beam upon Dragonzord, charging his body with the power until it flares, a moment later he sits up, completely goo free, causing Megazord to turn head back to its right.
15111Zoom out as Dragonzord stands up, spreads arms and roars, behind the battle ready posed Megazord, both facing Oysterizer.
15113Dragonzord steps out from behind Megazord, and stands beside it, zoom in as he readies his hands.
1681Zoom in on Megazord, who poses battle ready, then begins to march forth.
1682As they approach each other, Megazord blocks a high kick from Pirantishead. They lock up, switch positions, then Megazord breaks the lock before sparkily punching Pirantishead. Megazord poses as Pirantishead again rushes forward, only to be side-stepped by Megazord which then blocks a fish-chuck punch and sparkily backhands Pirantishead as the camera zooms in on Megazord as it poses.
1684Close on Dragonzord as it roars and motions arms. Zoom out to reveal Megazord, which turns to look at Dragonzord. Camera continues to zoom out to show Pirantishead dancing as he plays fish-chuck like a flute as Megazord looks back-and-forth while posing battle ready.
1688Zoom out as Megazord is sparkily struck with Dragonzord’s tail, then struck by Pirantishead’s fish-chuck before he resumes playing it like a flute in the background, dancing about. Megazord is able to block another Dragonzord tail whip before trying to get out of the middle as camera zooms in.
1693Zoom out from Megazord with fish-chuck chain wrapped around neck to reveal Pirantishead and Dragonzord switching spots in the foreground.
1695Megazord, with fish-chuck chain wrapped around neck, is sparkily struck with Dragonzord’s tail.
1697With a chained Megazord partially visible in the foreground, Dragonzord takes a step forward preparing to strike before pausing, then raising arms and roaring, then stepping forward, only to then pause again.
1699Megazord gets engulfed in spark burstings as Pirantishead stands in foreground, gripping the chain attached to its prey.
16100Closer on chained Megazord as chest spark bursts violently and smoke fills the area.
16101Still chained, Megazord falls to the ground away and to our right.
16102Close on Pirantishead and Dragonzord, the latter motioning arms and roaring, as Pirantishead slowly steps forward, taking up the slack of the chain.
16104With Megazord down in the foreground, Pirantishead begins to spark burst and stumble backwards as Dragonzord moves arms about and takes a step away from the blasts.
16107Close on Dragonzord, arms raised, who then slumps docilely. Righting itself, Dragonzord turns to look to our left, then quickly to our right, then marches forward as camera zooms out to reveal Megazord getting back to its feet. The two exchange a head nod, then turn to our left and pose battle ready.
17138Both Megazord and Dragonzord pose battle-ready and begin to advance toward the camera, zoom-in on Megazord.
17140Megazord swings a right punch at Primator, who sidesteps it and approaches Dragonzord, who backs up slightly to avoid Primator’s lance as he turns around to face the Megazord again. Megazord is struck by Primator’s lance in the mid-section, before stumbling off-camera to the right. Dragonzord whips tail over Primator, who ducks under and sparkily stabs it with his lance.
17145As Primator faces them, Dragonzord and Megazord walk toward Primator and then are engulfed in sparks and smoke.
17146Continued, Dragonzord and Megazord remain amid lingering smoke and sparks.
19121Megazord and Dragonzord stand battle ready as the camera zooms out to show Bloom of Doom, front left.
19123Megazord and Dragonzord begin to move forward, as camera zooms in on Dragonzord.
19124Side angle on Bloom of Doom, slight zoom out as she strikes Megazord with a tentacle, then ducks a Dragonzord tail whip, locks up with Megazord, releases then sparkily strikes Dragonzord with a tentacle, then Megazord, who stumbles to our right.
19129Megazord and Dragonzord react to the confetti, with Megazord stumbling backwards, then both spark and smoke.
19130Shot of Megazord as he sparks and smokes.
19131Shot of Dragonzord’s feet, pan left to Megazord’s feet, as they continue to step backwards, then pan up as both pose battle ready.
19133Zoom out from Megazord’s right hand as he catches the Power Sword and poses with Dragonzord doing the same in the right background.
19135Megazord poses briefly with Power Sword and then begins to walk forward as camera zooms in.
19136Megazord strikes Bloom of Doom with an upward, sparkily slash of the Power Sword, and then strikes downward, then left to right as Bloom of Doom tries to get by. Zoom in on Megazord in background as he turns to again face the monster.
20155Megazord poses battle ready and takes a step forward as the camera zooms out to show Octophantom to our slight left, then poses again.
20157Megazord poses battle ready and begins to walk forward.
20158Ground POV as the Megazord blocks Octophantom’s kick, then locks up with the monster, then both release arms. Octophantom sparkily punches Megazord, Megazord returns the favor, and they lock up again, before releasing and breaking away
20159Megazord stumbles backwards, smoking, then poses battle ready, then winds up right fist, punching into camera.
20160Octophantom is sparkily punched by Megazord, then again, before being headbutted in the torso.
20162Megazord is sparkily punched by Octophantom, then again, stumbling backwards.
20163Pan up as Megazord stumbles backwards, then poses battle ready.
20165Octophantom emits red lasers from his arms, ensnaring Megazord, and pulling him closer to him, before grasping him from behind causing him to spark, then step forward.
20166Megazord stumbles forward toward the camera and falls down, face-first.
20167Side angle as Megazord stumbles trying to get up, then turns over to face the camera.
20169Zoom in on a down Megazord, with raised fist to block an incoming blow.
20172Power Sword lands in Megazord’s hand. Megazord strikes forward with the Sword.
20175Megazord stands and poses with the Power Sword, before making a slight upward strike.
20176Octophantom is struck with the Power Sword as Megazord passes by, then both turn around and the monster is struck again. Octophantom stumbles off-screen to our left as camera zooms in on Megazord.
2174Megazord steps forward and poses battle ready as the camera zooms out to reveal Stag Beetle to our close left, who also poses ready for battle.
2176Megazord half-lowers arms, then slowly marches forth as shot zooms in.
2177Megazord and Stag Beetle lock up, both strike fists together before separating and Stag Beetle striking with a horn butt, then slashes arm at Megazord’s chest, which sparkbursts, causing Megazord to stumble to our right as shot zooms in.
2179Megazord, caught in Stag Beetle’s claws, is electrified as it rotates to our left before being released and then struck with a double claw uppercut causing it to spark burst as it begins to turn to us and fall toward the ground.
2180As Megazord turns towards us, sparks finish falling and the smoke starts to clear, as Stag Beetle remains poised.
2182Megazord, laying on its chest, attempts to raise left arm into a defensive position.
2184Stag Beetle kicks the downed Megazord, causing a very bright bursting of sparks and smoke.
2186Megazord, remaining prone on the ground, raises fist to forehead.
2187Stag Beetle is struck with a blast of the Megazord’s Cranial Laser, causing it to stagger and fall backwards.
2190Close-on Megazord’s hand as the Power Sword drops into it, then zoom out as Megazord marches toward the camera.
2191Megazord slashes twice at Stag Beetle unsuccessfully, before locking its Power Sword with Stag Beetle’s claws. They spin to our right before Megazord lowers sword and uses momentum to begin to flip Stag Beetle.
2192Using the Power Sword, Megazord flips Stag Beetle over onto the ground.
2193Stag Beetle finishes a flip onto the ground, zoom out to reveal Megazord which poses with Power Sword as Stag Beetle attempts to get to its feet.
2194Megazord swings the Power Sword towards camera.
22104Giant Invenusable Flytrap holds his sword out to the side, then waves it around in a circle, then poses as the camera zooms out to reveal Megazord and Dragonzord approaching.
22105Dragonzord and Megazord pose battle ready, then march forward as camera zooms in on Dragonzord.
22107Zoom out from Invenusable Flytrap standing to our left, readying sword, as Dragonzord swings and misses with a tail whip. Then Flytrap blocks and deflects a Megazord punch with his weapon, spins around and sparkily strikes Dragonzord, then runs forward and sparkily slashes Megazord, who turns and stumbles off to the right as camera zooms in on Dragonzord, who blocks at attack, before being sparkily slashed and stumbling off-screen as Flytrap strikes a pose.
22111Shot of Dragonzord standing and Megazord walking up, zoom in on Megazord as they pose.
2392Close on Megazord as it poses battle ready as camera zooms out and Robogoat steps into view to face-off with the Megazord.
2394Megazord poses battle ready then begins to walk forward as camera pans up slightly.
2395Megazord and Robogoat lock up, then break apart, then Robogoat dodges a right punch before striking Megazord with its baton. Robogoat tries again and Megazord blocks, then tries to kick and Megazord blocks. They lock up again, turn ninety degrees, break apart and Robogoat strikes again with baton, causing Megazord to stumble backward briefly and then pose battle ready.
2397Megazord is sparkily struck with Robogoat’s baton, causing it to stumble backward.
2398Pan up from feet of smoking Megazord as it stumbles backward before posing battle ready.
23100Megazord catches the Power Sword, swings it into a battle stance, poses briefly, then strikes forward toward us.
23101Megazord and Robogoat do battle, striking Sword on baton.
23102Reverse angle as Megazord and Robogoat do battle, striking Sword on baton.
23103Far shot of Megazord and Robogoat doing battle, striking Sword on baton, ending in Megazord sparkily striking Robogoat twice, causing Robogoat to spin-stumble away.
23105Megazord poses battle ready with Power Sword then begins marching forward toward the camera.
23107Megazord, walking forward, swings Power Sword forward with a mighty slash.
23109Repeat of Megazord swinging Power Sword forward at camera.
23112Megazord is engulfed in bright, blinding bursts of sparks and smoke.
23113Pan up from feet as Megazord stumbles backward then poses, ready with Power Sword.
23115Dragonzord walks into view from our right as camera zooms out to reveal Megazord, they face each other, then pose facing forward.
2514Close on Dragonzord, having just fired missiles, pan left to show Megazord posing battle ready, then zoom out to show Turbanshell to our close left.
2516Megazord and Dragonzord walk forward, zoom in on Dragonzord.
2517Amid the smoky city, Megazord punches at Turbanshell, who sidesteps and then ducks a Dragonzord tail whip, then blocks another Megazord punch and sparkily slaps it in the chest. Turbanshell and Dragonzord grab each other in an arm lock, but the monster breaks free and sparkily slashes the Zord away. Pan over to Megazord, who kicks and is blocked before getting sparkily slapped again. Slight zoom in as Turbanshell is facing our left, looking prepared for anything.
2518Pan up from Megazord’s feet as it stumbles backwards, chest smoking, then poses.
2520Zoom out as Megazord catches the Power Sword in its hand, then poses, before beginning to walk forward, swinging sword.
2521Turbanshell ducks under the sword slash, then blocks the sword with bare hand, sparkily blocks another sword strike with his shell, and then grabs Megazord’s arm on a third strike. The two spin around, Megazord freeing its arm, then striking again, as Turbanshell quickly spins around to block with shell, causing Megazord to stumble off to our right.
2522Megazord stumbles backwards as Dragonzord enters frame on right. Both pose.
2526Megazord and Dragonzord are struck with explosions.
2527Close on Megazord as he is struck with an explosion and smoke.
2546Pan up from Megazord’s feet as it walks in from the right-side of the screen, turns and notices Turbanshell, then stands still.
2549Turbanshell turns to our right and notices Megazord.
2550Zoom in as Megazord poses, then zoom in further as Megazord walks forward.
2552Megazord’s punch bounces off Turbanshell’s shell, who turns around and ducks and runs by as Megazord punches with right fist. As Megazord turns around, Turbanshell strikes with a headbutt to the chest, followed by a lock-up. The two change positions as they struggle before releasing, Turbanshell turning around and shell-bumps Megazord who throws arms into the air and staggers backwards.
2553Pan up from Megazord’s feet as it continues to stumble backwards, then stabilizes and poses.
2560Turbanshell collides explosively with the Megazord, losing its cover as a bright flaring of spark bursting is covered by an increasing, superimposed explosion as shot zooms out.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).