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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Megazord Power Sword”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
199Close on Goo Fish gets slashed by energy beam, sparks and pulses of energy are released, causing him to become thrown back.
1100Continued from farther angle, Goo Fish surges with reddish electricity, and falls, exploding massively as Megazord stands in foreground, frozen victoriously.
382Zoom out as Megazord catches Power Sword in right hand, whips it around, poses, then steps forth and stabs it into the zooming-in screen.
383Megazord stabs sword into Jellyfish, who snags the blade between both hands, keeping it from striking him. So the Megazord guides Jellyfish around to the other side, then using the sword as leverage, lifts him up.
384Megazord flips Jellyfish completely over with a little help from the sword, which he finally releases.
387Continued from a farther point, Jellyfish spins while crackling with pink energy, finally falling and after a blue flare, he bursts into a massive explosion as Megazord’s leg and sword remain still and poised, just barely in frame.
474Zoom out as Megazord catches Power Sword in right hand, then poses battle ready with it.
475Mantis rushes up, he and Megazord lock arm & sword, before breaking off, turning around, they clash weapon to arm again, before Mantis sparkily slashes Megazord in the chest. During all this, the camera is tracking around to the left. Mantis raises both arms and slices downward, prompting Megazord to lift the sword horizontally to block. They struggle, shift positions, and finally break off, just so the monster can sparkily slash the Megazord in the chest again.
477Mantis lands both arms downward into Megazord’s horizontally held sword, until it uses the leverage to toss him away.
478Megazord flips Mantis completely over.
480Megazord raises sword up, then steps forth and prepares to slash.
481Megazord sparkily slashes into Mantis, then does it again as it passes by him, before turning and stopping, facing us.
6113Slow zoom in as Megazord marches forth, Power Sword in right hand, held up.
6115Megazord POV as the Power Sword approaches Grumble Bee, who backs away, nervously holding out arms.
6116Close on Megazord raising sword over head and slashing at the screen.
6117Megazord sparkily slashed Grumble Bee with sword, then does it again as it passes by him.
8117Close on Peckster as he gets slashed by energy beam, explodes with sparks and ring pulsing, zoom out as he spins around then falls, red electricity erupting, until he hits the ground and flares with a blue light, that releases a massive explosion. Track right to the Megazord, still holding its sword outward as it remains frozen in place before the lingering fire.
1199Zoom out as Megazord catches the Power Sword in its right hand, then slashes it across, holding it outward, then starts marching forth.
11100Megazord approaches, but Slippery Shark ducks under its sword swipe, dances about, taunting, until Mega turns, and the monster sparkily slashes it. More dancing and taunting, then Shark dodges Megazord’s sword thrust, more dancing & taunting, before it rushes past Mega, sparkily slashing again.
11101Slippery Shark slashes fin blade at Megazord, who blocks it with its horizontally held sword, before shifting around and holding the fin blade downward. The Shark struggles, wanting to slip away but can’t, pan down to his feet kicking up dust as they rapidly dance in place.
11103Slippery Shark gets sparkily struck by Dragonzord’s tail, causing him to stagger away from Megazord, which releases his fin blade.
11105Megazord raises sword as it whips it around and poises it forth, before slowly marching ahead during zoom in.
11106Power Sword & Fin Blade clash twice, before Slippery Shark & Megazord lock weapons against each other’s left shoulders, shifting positions, then both release, sparkily slashing one another. They stagger back, the Shark the first to strike back, but his blow is blocked. He then raises his sword to block as Megazord raises its sword to slash.
11107Close on Megazord raising sword high up over head then slashing it down and forth.
11108Side angle of slashing Power Sword.
11109Another close shot of Megazord slicing sword straight down at the screen.
15108Remaining in the position it slashed the chain in, zoom out as Megazord turns and straightens up, Power Sword in hand, in front of the fallen Dragonzord, before turning head.
15109Close on Megazord, holding sword to our left, looking downward and raising arm near head.
15110Over the shoulder angle, as Megazord lowers arm, unleashing a yellow beam upon Dragonzord, charging his body with the power until it flares, a moment later he sits up, completely goo free, causing Megazord to turn head back to its right.
15111Zoom out as Dragonzord stands up, spreads arms and roars, behind the battle ready posed Megazord, both facing Oysterizer.
15113Dragonzord steps out from behind Megazord, and stands beside it, zoom in as he readies his hands.
1854The Megazord’s saber sparkily cuts the tongue in half.
19133Zoom out from Megazord’s right hand as he catches the Power Sword and poses with Dragonzord doing the same in the right background.
19135Megazord poses briefly with Power Sword and then begins to walk forward as camera zooms in.
19136Megazord strikes Bloom of Doom with an upward, sparkily slash of the Power Sword, and then strikes downward, then left to right as Bloom of Doom tries to get by. Zoom in on Megazord in background as he turns to again face the monster.
20172Power Sword lands in Megazord’s hand. Megazord strikes forward with the Sword.
20175Megazord stands and poses with the Power Sword, before making a slight upward strike.
20176Octophantom is struck with the Power Sword as Megazord passes by, then both turn around and the monster is struck again. Octophantom stumbles off-screen to our left as camera zooms in on Megazord.
2190Close-on Megazord’s hand as the Power Sword drops into it, then zoom out as Megazord marches toward the camera.
2191Megazord slashes twice at Stag Beetle unsuccessfully, before locking its Power Sword with Stag Beetle’s claws. They spin to our right before Megazord lowers sword and uses momentum to begin to flip Stag Beetle.
2192Using the Power Sword, Megazord flips Stag Beetle over onto the ground.
2193Stag Beetle finishes a flip onto the ground, zoom out to reveal Megazord which poses with Power Sword as Stag Beetle attempts to get to its feet.
2194Megazord swings the Power Sword towards camera.
2195Megazord’s Power Sword slashes into Stag Beetle, sparkily cutting off both of his horns.
23100Megazord catches the Power Sword, swings it into a battle stance, poses briefly, then strikes forward toward us.
23101Megazord and Robogoat do battle, striking Sword on baton.
23102Reverse angle as Megazord and Robogoat do battle, striking Sword on baton.
23103Far shot of Megazord and Robogoat doing battle, striking Sword on baton, ending in Megazord sparkily striking Robogoat twice, causing Robogoat to spin-stumble away.
23105Megazord poses battle ready with Power Sword then begins marching forward toward the camera.
23106As Megazord’s Power Sword blade is held in front of the screen, Robogoat quivers at the sight, holding his baton up and backing up.
23107Megazord, walking forward, swings Power Sword forward with a mighty slash.
23108Megazord’s saber blade slashes down through the air.
23109Repeat of Megazord swinging Power Sword forward at camera.
23112Megazord is engulfed in bright, blinding bursts of sparks and smoke.
23113Pan up from feet as Megazord stumbles backward then poses, ready with Power Sword.
23115Dragonzord walks into view from our right as camera zooms out to reveal Megazord, they face each other, then pose facing forward.
2520Zoom out as Megazord catches the Power Sword in its hand, then poses, before beginning to walk forward, swinging sword.
2521Turbanshell ducks under the sword slash, then blocks the sword with bare hand, sparkily blocks another sword strike with his shell, and then grabs Megazord’s arm on a third strike. The two spin around, Megazord freeing its arm, then striking again, as Turbanshell quickly spins around to block with shell, causing Megazord to stumble off to our right.
2522Megazord stumbles backwards as Dragonzord enters frame on right. Both pose.
2526Megazord and Dragonzord are struck with explosions.
2527Close on Megazord as he is struck with an explosion and smoke.


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