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201Between a small pair of Easter Island statues in a park, Octophantom skips in, with a yellow bucket in one hand, and a brush in another. He looks at one, then the other, goes over to it, and sets down paint bucket.
202Close on yellow bucket on the ground, which Octophantom proceeds to fill with his own ink.
203Octophantom rights himself from a bent over state, raises brush to eye-level, then dips it down toward bucket.
204Paint brush is inserted into the ink bucket, and stirred around.
205POV of the statue as Octophantom rights himself again, raising paint brush to eye-level, then leans in close.
206With his paintbrush, Octophantom outlines the statues left eye, then it’s left eyeball, re-inks brush, and begins to add eyelashes.
207Side view on Octophantom painting the statue, then steps back, raises arms and nod talks, then turns to face the camera and walks off to our left.
208POV of the second statue, viewing Octophantom, as he paints the camera.
209Side angle POV of another statue, viewing Octophantom, as he paints the camera.
2010Close-up of Octophantom’s painting hand as it adds eyelashes to another statue, then marks its nose.
2011Reverse POV of Octophantom swirling paint brush around on statue surface, making a black circle on it.
2012Octophantom ceases painting, leans back, and admires his work.
2013Wide view on Octophantom finishing vandalizing the second statue. He then walks over to the first statue again, before turning to face our slight left while holding brush as if thinking, then moves to the center of statues and raises arms triumphantly, before suddenly turning to face our right.
2018Sharp zoom out as Octophantom finds himself being punched by all five Rangers at once.
2021Zoom out as Octophantom points at the downed team.
2023Close on Octophantom, who raises and pulls back arms.
2024Close on Octophantom, arms raised, with starfish explosives in his hands, which he then pulls back and throws.
2025Side angle, close on Octophantom, as he pitches his raised arms forth.
2035Zoom out, Octophantom ducks under Red’s kick, shoves aside Black’s kick, blocks Yellow & Pink’s double-kick then smacks each aside, before getting both arms grabbed by Black & Red, forcing him to turn around.
2036Octophantom breaks free from Black & Red’s arm-pulling, pushing each away from him, while Blue keeps his distance and changes trees in background. Octophantom blocks Red’s kick, ducks under his second, then grabs his punching fist and pins his arm down.
2038Zoom out, Yellow strikes with Bladeblaster in saber mode, Octophantom blocks, Pink rushes up, uses her Blade, its blocked, she’s sparkily slashed away. Yellow strikes again, blocked, kicks, blocked, finally the monster sparkily slashes her into a fall and roll.
2040Upward shot of Octophantom gesturing arms over head, causing Black & Red to fly right over and past him.
2042As the four Rangers writhe on the ground, Octophantom motions arms while talking at them, while Blue rushes onto the scene in the background.
2044Octophantom motions arms menacingly, and steps forth, ending up beside a mirrored trash can.
2045Octophantom turns suddenly, noticing something that causes him to stroke his snout.
2046The reflection of Octophantom in the mirrored trash can causes the monster to touch his snout mouth, and give a thumbs up.
2047Zoom in past Octophantom, on Blue noticing his vanity.
2049Octophantom steps into frame, and holds up a bejeweled jug in his right hand.
2050The jug, is held up in front of Octophantom’s face.
2052Octophantom holds up the jug for a moment, then zoom in as he turns the opening on the top forth.
2053The jug glows, causing Red Ranger to dive to our right, as a wiggling blob of white shoots out of the jug, swirls around the other three Rangers, scoops them up, then returns to the vase.
2054Octophantom holds jug back upright, and pats his belly proudly.
2056Octophantom holds up jug, shakes it, holds it forth, then leans back and pats stomach again before teleporting away.
2063Octophantom teleports onto the scene, points finger a few times, then shifts arms about.
2064Zoom out as Red nod-talks to the monster.
2065Close on Octophantom as he turns to our left and points, causing shot to quick-pan across the quarry.
2074Zoom out as Octophantom steps into view, motioning arms as Red remains looking upward to our left.
2077Octophantom leaps through the air with his own right fist ready.
2078Octophantom lands a punch into Red, knocking him back.
2080Pan up, real close to Octophantom as he lands and punches into the camera.
2081Octophantom swings with a right, then a left, then a right, striking Red each time.
2082Octophantom swings with a left at Red, then a right, then hops up, arms raised, and grabs his shoulders.
2083Side angle as Octophantom grabs Red’s shoulders, pulls him in and knees him in the gut twice, before throwing him.
2084Octophantom pitches Red into the air.
2086Zoom out as Octophantom pulls out his jug and holds it up, intently.
2087Zoom in past the jug, as Red remains on his stomach, gripping his arm and unable to get himself up.
2088With Red Ranger still down, zoom out to show the view from over Black Ranger’s shoulder, as Octophantom approaches Red.
2090Very close on Octophantom, holding the jar up, pan down slowly as he aims the open top of it forth.
2094Octophantom gets sparkily stabbed in the snout by the Power Lance, causing him to jolt back, dropping jar.
2095The smoking jug falls, pan up to Octophantom looking to our left at the source of his assault.
2098Octophantom quickly gestures finger at the Rangers.
20104Wide angle view on Red and Blue in the foreground and the Rangers and Putties on the cliff as Octophantom, in the middle, points his finger then motions as if the Rangers’ plan will not work.
20105Zoom out as Octophantom motions hands to face, causing his eyes to emit orange blast beams.
20112Red lands and turns to face Octophantom, kicks, it’s blocked, Octophantom punches, he shield-blocks it, repeat, then Red spin kicks him away.
20113Octophantom staggers back, then quickly punches forth.
20114Close-up of Octophantom’s punching right arm.
20115Straight-on close-up of Octophantom punching into the camera.
20116Despite the shield blocking it, Octophantom’s punch throws Red back and off his feet.
20118As Red struggles onto his knees in foreground, Octophantom points, taunts, and finally spreads arms.
20119Red gets on his feet, only for Octophantom to extend orange energy rope beams outward, snagging the Ranger, pulling him toward him, and once up close enough, causes Red to spark burst.
20120Front view on Red Ranger as he sparks and then falls to one knee.
20123Angled shot in front of Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger kicks a Putty in the head, camera spins around to view the others, Blue spin kicks two Putties, dodges a Putty strike. Pan and zoom past Blue atop the cliffside, as Octophantom approaches the downed Red in the distance.
20124Octophantom produces a staff.
20125Zoom out as Octophantom holds his beady staff outward at the groggy, back-laying Red, who reaches out in futile, helpless protest.
20127Octophantom finally stops walking, having got close enough, and raises his beady staff above Red.
20130Octophantom’s beady staff slashes downward.
20131Alternate shot of Octophantom’s beady staff slashing downward.
20132Octophantom slashes beady staff down, as Red raises the shield.
20135The shield snaps open, revealing mirrored plates within, causing the beady staff to freeze in place just inches away.
20136Octophantom freezes in his tracks at the sight.
20137Octophantom’s reflection in the mirrored shield causes him to grasp at his face in admiration.
20138Tossing aside his beady staff, Octophantom strokes at his face with both of his hands.
20141Octophantom spark bursts in the chest, about where his snout comes down, knocking him away.
20142Octophantom falls and rolls, getting up in a smoking crouch.
20144Octophantom finishes rising up, snout smoking as he motions his arms about.
20147Octophantom stumbles backward in fear.
20149Shot of Octophantom as a superimposed explosion bursts out brighter as camera zooms out, engulfing the screen with sparks.
20152Octophantom rises gigantically amid fading smoke, spreading arms out and up, then leaning way down.
20156Octophantom caresses himself and raises his arms, zoom in just before he begins to slowly rush forth.
20158Ground POV as the Megazord blocks Octophantom’s kick, then locks up with the monster, then both release arms. Octophantom sparkily punches Megazord, Megazord returns the favor, and they lock up again, before releasing and breaking away
20160Octophantom is sparkily punched by Megazord, then again, before being headbutted in the torso.
20161Close on Octophantom as he grasps his snout with both hands, then winds up right fist, punching into camera.
20162Megazord is sparkily punched by Octophantom, then again, stumbling backwards.
20164Really close on Octophantom as he grasps his snout with both hands, then holds his arms up and waggles his fingers, tauntingly.
20165Octophantom emits red lasers from his arms, ensnaring Megazord, and pulling him closer to him, before grasping him from behind causing him to spark, then step forward.
20166Megazord stumbles forward toward the camera and falls down, face-first.
20168Octophantom bends down, motioning arms, then raises arms, and rushes at the screen, swinging right arm forth.
20171Close on Octophantom, as he raises right arm and lowers to strike.
20173Close on Octophantom having a spark burst in his chest, causing him to stagger back.
20174Pan up Octophantom as he stumbles back, gripping his snout amid the smoke, looking sore about the head.
20176Octophantom is struck with the Power Sword as Megazord passes by, then both turn around and the monster is struck again. Octophantom stumbles off-screen to our left as camera zooms in on Megazord.
20177Octophantom falls, rolls, gets back up, wobbles, and grasps snout some more.
20179As a purple horizontal slash cuts through also, sparks and rings expand out against Octophantom, zoom out as red electricity crackles about, and he falls, flaring out into a large explosion of dust and sparks.


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