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151Under the sea, Oysterizer bows forth, then rises back up, kneeling, waving arms about.
152Reverse angle, Oysterizer bows forth in front of a giant clam, which opens revealing the Ecocyte Pearl. Oysterizer rushes forth, dotes over the pearl, then turns toward the camera, claps, bows, and pumps fist into the air.
157Oysterizer magically de-unsettles the waters of the ocean as he leaps directly up from them.
158Oysterizer leaps straight up into the sky.
159Oysterizer leaps at us, punching right fist forth.
1510Black gets sparkily punched away by Oysterizer’s fist.
1512Zoom out as Black hits the ground, then gets up on his knees as Oysterizer looms in foreground.
1513Close-up on Oysterizer’s pearl eye.
1514Close-up on Oysterizer’s left hand as he wiggles fingers a little then spreads hand out.
1515Close-up on Oysterizer’s right hand as he closes fingers into a fist then spreads hand out.
1516Zoom out from Oysterizer as he stands there, hands raised up and waving them menacingly.
1518Oysterizer motions thumb to his head, then spreads arm out, before putting both hands to his gut-nozzles during sharp zoom in.
1519Side angle, zoom in as Oysterizer spreads arms and fires pink goo to our right from his upper gut-nozzle.
1525Oysterizer raises a finger, holds up arms then flaps hands, before gesturing left hand to face, then stepping forth and firing flame beams from his pearl-eye.
1528Oysterizer slowly approaches the downed & smoking Black, motioning hands menacingly, sharp zoom in as he quickly turns to look upward to our left.
1530Oysterizer gets sparkily slashed back by Green’s dagger-slice.
1531Oysterizer falls, rolls, writhes, and clutches tummy.
1538Oysterizer gets up, unclutches chest, points, then motions hands to gut-nozzles again.
1539Close side angle on Oysterizer, who spreads arms and fires pink goo to our left from his upper gut-nozzle.
1545Oysterizer gets punched back by both of Black’s fists.
1546Oysterizer flings through the air.
1547Oysterizer dives into the ocean.
1561Under the sea, Giant Oysterizer is casually strolling along the sea floor, when he spots the visitor, quick zoom in as he reacts, spreading arms in anger, then rushing forth.
1563Under the sea, Oysterizer punches at camera in zoom in.
1564Under the sea, Oysterizer sparkily punches Megazord, with each fist, then sparkily kicks it back.
1565Under the sea, Oysterizer raises arms up and waves them from side to side, then readies fists and punches both of them forth during zoom in.
1566Under the sea, Oysterizer double-punches Megazord, bright spark-bursting it into a stagger away.
1568Under the sea, Oysterizer does some arm gesturing, then rushes forth.
1570Under the sea, Oysterizer goes over and stomps left foot onto Megazord, grinding heel in as it grabs at his leg during zoom in.
1571Under the sea, reverse angle, Oysterizer continues grinding his heel into Megazord’s chest plate.
1580Under the sea, Oysterizer’s lording over Megazord comes to an end when Dragonzord’s tail sparkily knocks him off.
1581Under the sea, Oysterizer goes flipping backwards through the ocean, taking off into the horizon.
1582Oysterizer emerges on the surface, falling and rolling onto the shore, camera tracks right as he gets up and prepares to battle as Dragonzord approaches.
1584Oysterizer ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, then goes up and sparkily slams his shoulder into him, knocking him back. Dragonzord swings its tail in the other direction, Oysterizer again ducks, blocks a punch, gets a punch blocked, then sparkily punches Dragonzord’s chest. Oysterizer kicks at Dragonzord, the two lock up, separate, and Oysterizer sparkily smacks Dragonzord again in the chest, causing Dragonzord to stumble backwards.
1586Oysterizer gestures arms, inward then outward.
1587A spiked dagger and a large pearl ball connected with a chain has appeared in Oysterizer’s hands. He then starts spinning the pearl, before releasing it to our right.
1589Oysterizer continues to twirl pearl, before releasing it again.
1591Oysterizer tosses the pearl, again.
1594Dragonzord finds the pearl mace’s chain wrapped around his neck, struggling as the Oysterizer corrals him from side to side.
1595Oysterizer keeps a tight grip on the extended chain, slowly tugging on it and reeling it in, little by little.
1597Oysterizer switches chain to left hand before motioning hands to gut-nozzles.
1598Oysterizer spreads arms and spews pink goo to our right.
15101Oysterizer gestures to face then releases a flame beam to our right.
15104Zoom out as Oysterizer tightens grip on chain, slides a little forth from his hold on it, then grips it closer.
15106Side angle on Oysterizer’s chain spark-bursting as it breaks.
15107Oysterizer falls and rolls, getting up with his dagger in hand, and the snapped chain hanging down.
15111Zoom out as Dragonzord stands up, spreads arms and roars, behind the battle ready posed Megazord, both facing Oysterizer.
15112Oysterizer motions out the dagger in his right hand, then raises it forth and charges into battle.
15115Oysterizer’s progression is halted by multiple spark burstings, including a final ground eruption that knocks him back.
15116Oysterizer, now lacking his weapon, falls, rolls, gets up, stumbles a little as he tries to remain standing, grasping shoulder briefly.
15118Close on Oysterizer as he gets slashed by diagonal energy beam, zoom out as he writhes, then explodes with sparks and ring pulsing, red electricity erupting as he finally falls. Upon hitting the ground, he flares with a blue light, that releases a massive explosion.


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All footage ©1993-2019 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).