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81[Plays on Juice Bar TV set.] Close on giant Peckster who motions toward his head, then spins around while keeping his head down, causing the area around him to spark burst, then stepping forth and smashing a building with his left hand.
84Zoom in as Peckster leaps off the side of a window ledge and falls into alley.
85Zoom out as Peckster lands before Black, who points at him then rolls past, gets up, kicks, it’s blocked, they arm lock, switch positions, Peckster sparkily slashes him off.
87Peckster stands there taunting Black, who gets back up, faces him, and holds his arm up, defensively.
89Black slices Power Axe at Peckster, who dodges, so he whips it around, and it’s blocked then smacked down. Black holds it up, Peckster sparkily strikes it, which leads to the Ranger sparkily slashing the monster in return.
811Close on Peckster, nodding and laughing with arm movements, before jumping straight up.
812Peckster leaps backward onto the edge of the roof.
815Peckster flies through the cloudless blue sky, flapping his arms limply.
817Peckster swoops down and sparkily slashes past each of the four Rangers.
820Sharp zoom out as Peckster lands in the distance, turning to face the team as the four rush up and watch him.
821Close on Peckster as he shakes his right finger back and forth, then nods.
826Close on Peckster as he nods and points, seemingly counting off the Rangers.
836Zoom in as Peckster leaps up and thrusts arms forth.
837Sharp zoom in as Pink & Yellow get punched back by Peckster.
838Pink & Yellow fall and roll, as Peckster lands in foreground.
839Close on Peckster as he finishes standing up, slaps his hands together, then zoom in as he opens his mouth.
840Extreme close-up, side angle, on Peckster’s open mouth, hacking up darts to our left.
843Peckster looks upward toward our right.
845Blue & Red are flung over Peckster, unable to hit him and struggling in the air as the monster raises arms at them.
846Different angle, on Blue & Red flipping over Peckster onto their backs.
847Zoom out as Red & Blue fall and roll, getting up in defensive crouches to face Peckster.
848Zoom out and pan right as Peckster spreads arms and pops out his left wing to its full span.
849Peckster pops out his right wing to its full span.
850Upward angle on Peckster in front of the sky, flapping wings very slowly, zoom in and out with each arm-gestured flap.
852Upward angle on Peckster in front of the sky, flapping wings very slowly, zoom in and out with each arm-gestured flap.
853Close-up side angle on Peckster’s beak as he coughs up some throat darts to our left.
855Repeat, different angle, of Red & Blue, being blown off the ground as their chests spark burst, the ground also spark-splodes, as Peckster stands in foreground.
857Peckster pauses, spreads arms back, then rushes forth with arms out at sides.
859Close pan up of Peckster as he throws his head back and raises arms to attack.
860Crowded shot, of Peckster sparkily pecking Yellow, ducking under Red’s kick, blocking Blue’s hit then sparkily slashing him, blocking Pink’s hit then sparkily slashing her, then facing Red again.
861Peckster blocks Red’s arm, then jumps up and sparkily slashes him.
863As Red struggles to get up, fails, and holds arm defensively, Peckster slowly approaches, bobbing his head, then suddenly looks to our right.
865Close on Peckster getting kicked back by both of Black’s legs at once.
866Peckster is thrown through the air.
867Zoom out as Peckster lands, and the four Rangers regroup around the balloon-carrying Black to face the monster.
871Peckster points at Black, then himself, as the red & black balloons are held in front of the screen.
872Close on Peckster’s feet coming together as he jumps up.
873Zoom in as Peckster leaps up and aims for the balloons.
874Peckster pecks the pink, yellow, blue, and red balloons, popping them in Black’s hand, and prepares to prick the black.
875Close POV shot of what it looks like to be pecked by Peckster.
876Peckster pecks into the black balloon, only to discover it’s actually a black rubber ball, which he clutches and falls with.
877Peckster falls and rolls around, his beak stuck in the ball, as he struggles to no avail to free it.
880Peckster, still with his beak stuck in the black ball, points and rushes forth to fight.
884Peckster doubly spark-bursts and falls, still unable to be freed of his beak ball.
885Peckster grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke.
888Peckster leaps up in the air and thrusts arms forth while bending legs like he’s swimming.
889Peckster pecks into Megazord’s chestplate, causing it to spark burst.
892Peckster stands in front of partially damaged buildings, bobbing head and motioning arms, then runs across the battlefield, head a’bobbin as shot zooms in.
894Close on Peckster as he leans back and pecks beak forth.
895Peckster sparkily pecks into the Mammoth Shield, causing him to stagger back in a daze.
896Close on Peckster leaning head back and pecking forth once more.
897Zoom in as Peckster tries to peck, only to get sparkily punched away by the Megazord.
898Peckster falls and rolls in front of disused and damaged buildings, his left wing snapping all out of place for a moment as he gets up in a crouch.
8100Peckster stands up and spreads out arms.
8101Close on Peckster’s right wing spreading out to full span.
8102Close on Peckster’s left wing spreading out to full span.
8103Peckster slowly flaps wings in and out with some help from his arm gesturing, causing the wind to kick up around him.
8105Peckster continues to slowly flaps wings in and out, arm gesturing, head bobbing side to side, wind gusting.
8107Close on Peckster motioning hands to beak, then out to side as shot zooms into his opening maw.
8108Close-up side angle of Peckster’s open beak as he coughs up some darts to our right.
8111Peckster laughs, flapping arms up and down at sides, then slaps hands, then rushes forth as shot zooms in.
8113Peckster is stopped in his tracks by some spark bursting in his chest, then an explosion at his feet.
8114Repeat, closer angle, on Peckster getting engulfed in the explosion, knocking him away.
8115Zoom out as Peckster falls and rolls across battlefield, as Megazord steps into frame and looms.
8116Peckster stands up and staggers back, motioning arms wearily.
8117Close on Peckster as he gets slashed by energy beam, explodes with sparks and ring pulsing, zoom out as he spins around then falls, red electricity erupting, until he hits the ground and flares with a blue light, that releases a massive explosion. Track right to the Megazord, still holding its sword outward as it remains frozen in place before the lingering fire.


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All footage ©1993-2019 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).