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162The five Rangers dash through a debris-strewn alleyway, stopping in front of us and looking upward as a group. As they do this, the camera tilts upward and zooms in on Pirantishead, atop the edge of the roof of the building behind them, clapping fish-chucks together.
163Close on Pirantishead, motioning fish-chucks, gesturing one forth, then raising both up, before leaning forward and laughing.
1627Close on Pirantishead, as he gestures right fish-chuck forth, jerks body, then spreads fish-chuck out, before raising it to his mouth, and plays it like a flute.
1633Distant shot of Pirantishead on edge of roof, sharp zoom to close on him as he gestures right fish-chuck toward Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, before turning to his left and walking out of view.
1639Zoom out from close on Pirantishead, motioning his arms about, to reveal Black, Red, Green, and Pink Rangers preparing to confront him.
1641Close on Pirantishead as he motions arms about before holding fish-chuck to his mouth, playing it like a flute.
1659Slight zoom in on Pirantishead, as he jauntily walks up, swinging chain, then raises right fish-chuck and begins to play it like a flute.
1666Pirantishead jolts in shock as shot zooms in sharply on him.
1668Pirantishead stands there as a massive fireball erupts right in front of him.
1669As flames lick at the screen in front of him, Pirantishead hops around on toasted feet, before suddenly crackling with reddish electricity, which causes him to spark burst and fall down.
1678Smoking, Pirantishead raises arms in agony, then points forth angrily before crouching down out of view.
1679Pirantishead grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke, lowering fish-chucks as he starts to squat down over the screen.
1680Zoom in as Pirantishead positions right fish-chuck forward, then charges forth into battle.
1682As they approach each other, Megazord blocks a high kick from Pirantishead. They lock up, switch positions, then Megazord breaks the lock before sparkily punching Pirantishead. Megazord poses as Pirantishead again rushes forward, only to be side-stepped by Megazord which then blocks a fish-chuck punch and sparkily backhands Pirantishead as the camera zooms in on Megazord as it poses.
1683Pan up from his back-staggering feet, as Pirantishead is dazed and smoking, then thrusts fish-chuck forth, then to mouth, playing it like a flute.
1684Close on Dragonzord as it roars and motions arms. Zoom out to reveal Megazord, which turns to look at Dragonzord. Camera continues to zoom out to show Pirantishead dancing as he plays fish-chuck like a flute as Megazord looks back-and-forth while posing battle ready.
1685Close on Pirantishead, as he holds right fish-chuck to mouth, playing it, jauntily waving other fish-chuck in the air.
1688Zoom out as Megazord is sparkily struck with Dragonzord’s tail, then struck by Pirantishead’s fish-chuck before he resumes playing it like a flute in the background, dancing about. Megazord is able to block another Dragonzord tail whip before trying to get out of the middle as camera zooms in.
1689Close on Pirantishead, as he stops playing right fish-chuck, points left one forth, then begins to swing left one around on chain a few times before releasing it.
1693Zoom out from Megazord with fish-chuck chain wrapped around neck to reveal Pirantishead and Dragonzord switching spots in the foreground.
1698Close on Pirantishead, holding tight to right fish-chuck, keeping chain taut, motioning out left hand to strike chain.
1699Megazord gets engulfed in spark burstings as Pirantishead stands in foreground, gripping the chain attached to its prey.
16102Close on Pirantishead and Dragonzord, the latter motioning arms and roaring, as Pirantishead slowly steps forward, taking up the slack of the chain.
16104With Megazord down in the foreground, Pirantishead begins to spark burst and stumble backwards as Dragonzord moves arms about and takes a step away from the blasts.
16105With Dragonzord slightly visible to our right, close on Pirantishead, as the top of his head bursts with sparks, his fish-chuck chain dangling.
16106Pirantishead falls and rolls, getting up in a kneel as he holds up right fish-chuck, then tosses away, falling back off his kneel onto his butt.
16109Smokey Pirantishead stands back up, kind of wobbles in place, but poses ready for action.
16111[Incomplete; saber-shaped energy trails superimposed.] Pirantishead gets a fireball burst superimposed over him, which flares out, leaving him spinning amid sparks during zoom out. Upon falling on the ground, he then erupts into a fireball explosion.


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