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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Power Blaster Blast”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
1085The combined beam strikes Pumpkin Rapper, causing him to have a superimposed explosion erupt over him until he falls down.
17132Primator is struck with the blast from the Power Blaster.
1841Saliguana runs at us in dramatic slow-motion, gets struck by the combined beam, crackles with red electricity and begins to fall over forward.
19115Zoom out from Bloom of Doom, who sparks twice before a superimposed explosion bursts brightly upon monster as she falls to the ground.
20149Shot of Octophantom as a superimposed explosion bursts out brighter as camera zooms out, engulfing the screen with sparks.
2170Stag Beetle is struck with the combined beam, causing him to flare with yellow light, zoom out as he crackles with orange electricity, falls over, and explodes brightly.
2298A super-imposed fireball strikes Invenusable Flytrap in the open chest, knocking her down, as the camera zooms out.


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All footage ©1993-2018 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).