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171Long shot of the harbor as camera pans right, revealing Primator as he scampers across a foot-bridge, looks back, and proceeds forward. Zoom in on Primator as he sees the Rangers arriving.
173Zoom out as six Rangers land and pose in near distance, as Primator faces them.
174Close on Primator, as he spreads arms, backs up a step and raises hand slightly.
176Primator takes a step forward, points at Red Ranger with right hand, makes a wiping motion, raises both arms, and pounds on chest.
1730The false Yellow Ranger rolls along the pavement, quick cutting back into Primator, who seizures when he ceases.
1732Primator gets up from a standing knee, flailing his arms, before pointing forward with his right hand, then raises arms.
1733Slight elevated over shoulder view of Primator facing the Rangers. Red nods, turns to Yellow, and puts his hand on her shoulder as shot zooms in, turns to Primator, and nods. Yellow nods in agreement.
1735Side shot of Primator, who pounds his chest with his fists before twice raising arms.
1736Zoom out as Primator twirls around double-bladed lance, then holds it outward while rushing forth.
1737Primator jabs at Yellow, who cartwheels away, Blue jump kicks, its blocked and he gets sparkily slashed. Primator ducks under Red’s kick, then maneuvers both Black & Green into flipping over his lance before blocking Pink’s kick and striking her, then Black, then stabbing/striking Green, striking Yellow, and swiping and missing Red.
1741Zoom out as lance and sword clash twice, before Red throws a kick over Primator, who ducks under, then raises weapon.
1742Upward shot of sword clashing against lance, before Red slashes up against it, releasing sparks.
1743The smoking, broken lance falls to the ground, pan up to Primator staggering back then pitching a fit, jerking his arms about and jumping up and down.
1745Primator spreads arms out, beats chest, and zoom out as he hobbles quickly forth in a rage.
1749Primator hops up in triumph, then turns to the side, slaps his buttcheek, before dashing off down the walkway.
1753Close on Black flying into Primator, taking him out of frame.
1754Crooked upward angle of Black & Primator falling off the side of the tall outdoor wall.
1755Sharp zoom out as Primator & Black land, the monster breaking from the Ranger’s arm hold, then kicking him in the chest, before both grab hold of each other in a lock and dive together off the side of the wall they’re on.
1776Fake Red does some more happy monkey motions, then beats chest, transforming back into Primator, and stepping forth.
1778Primator raises arms in triumph, then beating his chest, and finally flexing his arms in a show of strength.
1796The red/green Ranger begins beating his chest, transforming back to Primator.
1797Zoom out as the three Rangers step forth, Red motioning arm, causing Primator to turn around and hobble off.
1798Primator’s hobbling away is cut short when Pink, Green & Black Rangers block his path.
1799Noticing he’s surrounded on both sides, Primator pounds at his chest in frustration.
17100Zoom out as Primator curls up then spreads arms outward, releasing bolts of electricity from his hands, the flashing power striking at all six Rangers to his sides.
17104The six Rangers land in the distance and turn around as Primator walks in from our near left.
17105Primator stomps his right foot and then points at the Rangers with his right hand, before flexing his arms.
17114Primator rotates his arms twice before flexing, then runs forward.
17119Primator gets double kicked in the chest and eyes by Black & Blue.
17121Primator gets punched in the forehead and schnozzola by Yellow & Pink.
17125Primator is struck with a fireball.
17126Primator goes flying through the air, into and out of the shot.
17127Primator lands on his knee and face, stands up and pounds chest.
17130Primator stumbles backwards in fear.
17132Primator is struck with the blast from the Power Blaster.
17133Primator rises gigantically amid fading smoke, holding repaired lance and beating chest with other hand.
17139Amid smoke, zoom in sharply on Primator as he whips around lance then pounds chest and hops in place, then hobbles ahead into action.
17140Megazord swings a right punch at Primator, who sidesteps it and approaches Dragonzord, who backs up slightly to avoid Primator’s lance as he turns around to face the Megazord again. Megazord is struck by Primator’s lance in the mid-section, before stumbling off-camera to the right. Dragonzord whips tail over Primator, who ducks under and sparkily stabs it with his lance.
17143Dragonzord’s tail sparkily swipes into Primator’s lance.
17144Once again broken in half, the lance falls to the ground, pan up to Primator, beating his chest in anger, then raising hands to head while leaning forth.
17145As Primator faces them, Dragonzord and Megazord walk toward Primator and then are engulfed in sparks and smoke.
17147Quick zoom out as Primator beats chest, then does a happy jig to his right, then to his left.
17149Zoom in on Primator, who tilts to his right in puzzlement and then stumbles backward in fear.
17151Primator gets a fireball burst superimposed over him, which flares out, leaving him toppling forth amid sparks during zoom out. Upon falling on the ground, he then erupts into a fireball explosion.


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