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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Pumpkin Rapper”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
1043Zoom out as the great pumpkin rolls itself to a clearing in the patch, then in a flash of orange energy, becomes Pumpkin Rapper, who rises, turns, and waves arms about as Pumpkinhead Putties scramble together behind him.
1045Pumpkin Rapper slaps his knee, points, raises fists, then reaches back and waves arms forth, causing the Pumpkinhead Putties to scramble to battle.
1052Zoom out from Pumpkin Rapper as the Blade-armed Rangers rush up and face him as a team.
1054Sharp zoom out from Pumpkin Rapper as he holds out vine rope between hands, then begins to swing section in right hand, stepping forth and flinging it to our slight right.
1056Pumpkin Rapper tosses vine rope to our slight right again.
1058Pumpkin Rapper raises a bundle of vine ropes and tosses to our slight right.
1060Pumpkin Rapper crosses arms to mouth area, then outward, raised to sides as energy surges out.
1061Close side angle on Pumpkin Rapper, firing green energy outward, which turns into especially bushy vines.
1063Pumpkin Rapper stands there, holding the bushy vine, as it has now wrapped around all five Rangers, holding them tightly together.
1064Zoom in on Pumpkin Rapper as he pulls on vine rope, stops for a moment, then spreads out arms.
1065Pumpkin Rapper holds out arms, flashes orange, the vine-wrapped Rangers glow green, which flows up the vine to him, until they suddenly spark burst.
1071Pumpkin Rapper falls and rolls as his side of the vine snaps back on him. He gets up and hops up and down, shaking hands in annoyance.
1073Close on Pumpkin Rapper, as he finishes shaking hands, then gestures arm out, before raising both arms up.
1075Pumpkin Rapper raises arms, then motions hand to his left eye, zoom out as it fires forth a purple energy spiral.
1079Pumpkin Rapper gets sparkily slashed by Green, who lands, does a reverse roundhouse, then grabs the monster’s arms and holds him in a lock, leading him around as camera tracks left. Green nod-talks to the five Rangers in the near distance, as he forces Pumpkin’s back to them.
1081Still holding onto Pumpkin Rapper, Green glances to our right, then looks at the monster, nod-talks, before shoving him to the left.
1082Close on the ground, as Green brings his feet together in front of the monster’s, and jumps.
1083Upward side, on Green leaping up and kicking Pumpkin Rapper back with both feet at once.
1084Pumpkin Rapper falls and rolls across the grass, getting up and hopping up and down, shaking hands.
1085The combined beam strikes Pumpkin Rapper, causing him to have a superimposed explosion erupt over him until he falls down.
1086[Fades in.] Pumpkin Rapper grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke.
1089Pumpkin Rapper spreads arms around at sides and holds them up, then zoom in as Pumpkin Rapper charges forth, hopping like a lunatic.
1090[Flame energy and energy effects added.] Pumpkin Rapper is thrown through the air, his behind briefly glowing from impact, as he falls and rolls across battlefield, then gets up, motions glowing hands to sides, then thrusts them forth.
1091[Pumpkin creation effects added.] Close on Pumpkin Rapper as a pair of pumpkins materialize in his hands, which he proceeds to then toss forth.
1092Pumpkin Rapper, facing our slight right, motions hands outward.
1093Pumpkin Rapper falls and rolls, dropping his vine ropes as he does.
1094Continued from the previous shot, Pumpkin Rapper gets up and starts hopping up and down like his feet are on fire or something.
1095Pumpkin Rapper is taken aback, motioning hands to face in a rapid, nervous gesture.
1096Close on Pumpkin Rapper, as purple horizontal slash cuts through him, causing sparks and rings to expand outward as he writhes, zoom out as rings and sparkles fade from him as he crackles with orange electricity, before spinning around and dropping onto his butt, a blue light flaring outward brightly, causing him to explode massively with an added burst of sparks.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).