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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Pumpkinhead Putty”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
1020A pair of pumpkins rise up from the patch and hover in mid-air, before suddenly they flare out with orange energy, becoming two pumpkin-headed Putty Patrollers!
1021Six Pumpkinhead Putties rise up and scramble about the patch, dancing from side to side with creepy arm motions.
1023Zoom in as the six Pumpkinhead Putties race to our left.
1024Red dodges Ballhand Pumpkinhead, roundhouses second Pumpkinhead away, then slaps Ballhand before slapping it in the face, then turns, blocks and punches Pumpkinhead.
1025[Energy effect likely added.] Pumpkinhead Putty falls and rolls, reverting to a simple pumpkin in a flash of orange energy.
1026Pumpkinhead approaches Black, who backhands it away, before blocking another’s kick, kicking it back, then kicking another’s punch before kicking it down.
1027Pumpkinhead Putty falls onto its back, writhes about, then reverts to a normal pumpkin in a flash of orange energy.
1028Blue does some arm motions then gut punches Pumpkinhead, roundhouses another down, kicks a third down, elbows a fourth twice, then sharply kicks into one last one.
1029Pumpkinhead Putty falls, rolls onto its back, writhes about, then reverts to a regular pumpkin in a flash of orange energy.
1030Yellow ducks under Pumpkinhead’s punch, then footsweeps it over, before backflipping away from Bladehand Pumpkinhead, before kicking the blade, then it, away.
1031Bladehanded Pumpkinhead Putty falls, rolls onto its back, then reverts to a basic pumpkin in a flash of orange energy.
1032Pumpkinhead dodges Pink’s handspring, she then ducks under one’s flying kick, then punches another, spins, blocks another’s arm then gut punches before flipping it over, then kicks at a punching one.
1033Pumpkinhead Putty falls, rolls onto its back, then reverts to a plain pumpkin in a flash of orange energy.
1035Slow pan right as Pumpkinhead Putties stand around the patch, making creepy arm movements.
1037Sharp zoom in past the Pumpkinhead Putties, to the edge of a great pumpkin sticking out behind a bush.
1043Zoom out as the great pumpkin rolls itself to a clearing in the patch, then in a flash of orange energy, becomes Pumpkin Rapper, who rises, turns, and waves arms about as Pumpkinhead Putties scramble together behind him.
1045Pumpkin Rapper slaps his knee, points, raises fists, then reaches back and waves arms forth, causing the Pumpkinhead Putties to scramble to battle.
1046Red whips out Bladeblaster in sword mode, and uses it to smack away Pumpkinhead, then one passing, before sparkily slashing a third, roundhouse kicking and sparkily slashing the second, before sparkily slashing the first.
1047Black blocks two Bladehand Pumpkinheads’ blades at once with his, then smacks them up, before sparkily slashing the pair. He turns, blocks another Pumpkinhead’s kick, bops it, then sparkily slashes it down.
1048Blue kicks Pumpkinhead, then smacks a passing one away, blocking and kicking another, before sparkily slashing a third, then ducking under the first’s kick.
1049Yellow dodges Pumpkinhead, then ducks and rolls under a second one’s strike, then gets up, ducks, before sparkily slashing it, backflipping away from Bladehand, knocks it away, turns and sparkily slashes one behind her, before Bladehand again, blocking then sparkily slashing it.
1050Pink readies Blade, then rushes forth, knocks away two Bladehand Pumpkinheads, then punches Ballhand, spins, hits Bladehand again, before sparkily slashing Ballhand, flips over, turns, sparkily slashes first Bladehand, then turns again and does the same to the second.
1051Close on Pink sparkily slashing the final Bladehand Pumpkinhead Putty, causing it to burst, fall, and roll.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).