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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Red Ranger”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
116[Fades in from white] Red Ranger leaps up and fires Bladeblaster at Goo Fish, sparking him until he drops his staff and falls away, saving Pink.
119Pink leading the team heads left to Blue, who remains curled up in a cowardly crouch, until they gather around him. Yellow keeps watch for the monster, while Pink gets Blue to stand up.
120[Fades in from white] Zoom out from Goo Fish as he turns around, standing atop rocky beach cliff along with several Putties, the five Rangers coming into frame to face them.
121The Rangers stand ready for action, Pink nod-talks, clasps hands, looks to Blue, puts her hand on his shoulder, he gives her a thumbs up, she nods.
123All of the Rangers are equally spread out, as they fight the Putties. Blue takes on a Ballhand and Bladehand at the same time, closest to us.
124Red sparkily slashes down a pair of Putties with his Power Sword.
135Red sparkily slashes down a pair of Putties with his Power Sword, then turns and leaps upward.
136Red poises Power Sword forth while leaping through the white sky.
137As Red is flipping over him, Goo Fish sparkily slashes across his chest with rod tip.
138Reverse angle as Red finishes flipping over behind Goo Fish.
139Sharp zoom out as Red lands on his back, getting up as Yellow & Black regroup around him, all then posing.
141Camera shakes from left to right on Yellow, Red & Black’s legs as thin stream of blue goo shoots about.
142Pan right, showing Yellow, Red & Black’s feet glued to the ground via wads of snot, then pan up to show Red struggling in place.
143Red & Black struggle in the foreground, as crouching Blue reaches out to them in the background. Zoom in on Blue as he spots the monster to our left and resumes clutching his helmet and sticking his head between his knees.
147Sharp zoom out as Pink lands in front of glue-footed teammates, then poses defensively in front of them.
150Quick zoom in on Pink as three sizzling starfish attach to her chest, causing her to writhe about in agony.
151Pink erupts into an explosion of sparks, and is soon joined in this by Yellow, Red, and Black, leaving them grounded amid a sea of smoke.
154Black, Red, Pink, and Yellow writhe about in foreground, as Goo Fish steps closer in the distance.
156Zoom in on Pink as she and her three teammates writhe on the ground.
177Zoom out as Blue lands, his Lances split, all four teammates, each with Power Weapons, regroup around him. Red nod-talks to him, he replies and moves, letting Red take the center.
21Zoom out from Red as he and Pink pose in quarry, and once they cease, suddenly a pair of spark bursts erupt on the ground, causing the pair to dive to our right.
22[Red rash effect added] Red & Pink do a quick roll back onto their feet, posing again for a moment, before Red tenses up and starts clutching each side of his chest, crouching down as Pink touches his shoulder in support.
23As Pink supports the crouching, clutching Red in the foreground, Fighting Flea walks up a little in distance, and spreads out arms.
25[Red rash effect added] Red continues grasping at his chest, and falls down after Pink ceases supporting him, turning to the monster, making a fist, then reaching for her side.
27Zoom out as Pink whips out Bladeblaster in sword mode, poses with it beside the writhing Red, then leaps up.
212[Red rash effect added. Red’s fit sped up a little.] Zoom out as Pink lands on the ground, Red gets up and comes to her side, she sits up a little, nod-talks, then he suddenly goes into another chest-clutching spree, spinning around, staggering away from Pink, then flipping over onto his back, bounding back up, before backflipping over and rolling around on the ground a little.
219[Red rash effect added.] Red turns his attention to our direction, as he gets up into a crouch, still clutching his right shoulder, but making a determined fist as shot zooms in.
220Pink & Red Rangers are thrown out from under the camera, rolling over toward the junkyard area of the quarry.
222Blue, Yellow & Black Rangers race around the corner of the junkyard, spot their teammates, and rush to their side. After a moment, Yellow & Black turn to our left and run off that way.
223[Red rash effect added.] Blue touches Red’s shoulder, then pulls out a spray can from behind his back. Pink gets up and leaves, as Blue crouches beside Red and begins to spray him with the can all over his body.
225Blue ceases spraying, and soon Red unclutches chest, much to the delight of Pink. All three then stands up and face our slight left together.
228Zoom out as Yellow & Black roll over to their teammates, who touch them concernedly, recovering as Red steps up in front to face monster.
230The five Rangers stand shoulder to shoulder, but Blue steps out of formation, raising spray can up in the air as he nod-talks to the monster victoriously.
232Side shot of the Rangers, as Red steps forth, rallies the team, raises his right fist, leading to them all doing the same.
233The Power Rangers do their two-step group pose.
235Flanked by three, Red turns from a falling Putty, to duck under a Ballhand’s kick, before kicking it in the gut in return.
241Red poses with Power Sword, a Bladehand Putty dodges, so he sparkily slashes a second, before doing the same to the first, then kick-blocks a third’s bladehand, before slashing at it.
244Red turns his attention our way as a pair of explosions burst around him, taking out the three Putties behind him, as he dives to our left.
245Zoom out as Red rolls over as his four teammates regroup around him to face the monster.
247Fighting Flea releases arms down, firing a pair of energy beams from his antennae at the five Rangers, causing them to become engulfed in an explosion.
248Red Ranger leaps out of the smoke, dives, rolls, then leaps up with sword in hand the whole time.
249Red Ranger jumps into the air, poised with Power Sword in hand as shot zooms in.
251Red leaps up at us, raising Power Sword back over head, then gripping it with both hands.
253Red sparkily slashes sword into Fighting Flea, then spins around and does it again, freezing as the monster stumbles about.
254Back to us, Red unfreezes, before turning swiftly and raising sword over head and slashing down at the screen.
255Close side shot of Fighting Flea getting sparkily slashed by Red.
258As giant Fighting Flea looms over them in foreground, the five Rangers rush into quarry, then start scrambling about, back and forth.
259Red looks to our upper left, then turns to our upper right and reaching right arm out and up, summoning.
32Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Red Rangers flip over the camera under blue sky with Bladeblasters in sword mode in their hands.
36Red leaps up and strikes at camera with Blade.
37Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, & Black all connect their Blades in a circle over the upward angled camera, and press in on it as a team.
38At the center of the Ranger circle, Jellyfish crouches down, then pushes up and out, knocking the team and their weapons away.
39The Rangers roll across the lawn, onto a paved pathway, regrouping to face their enemy.
311The Rangers stand up, with Black moving in between and front of Yellow & Red as he talks, motioning arm.
315The five Rangers are all struck in the chest by spark bursts, as more spark-based explosions pop up on the ground around them.
316Repeat from a side angle of the five Rangers getting struck in the chest by spark bursts, as more spark-based explosions pop up on the ground around them. The five Rangers get knocked off their feet, as the sparks subside and leave a lingering mass of smoke over them.
317Pan left across the grounded Rangers, Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, then Blue, all writhing amid the smoke.
319[Fades to black] Red staggers over to the middle of his team, clutching his chest, he looks to them all as they rise, and all five soon quickly retreat to the right.
321Pan around Jellyfish as he faces the water fountain, when the Rangers rush up in the distance, getting his and the Putties’ attention.
322The Rangers stand defiant, with Red pointing and nod-talking at their enemy.
324Close on Red thrusting fist sideward & forward in front of face.
325Side angle on the team, all raising fists to match Red, then all five rushing forth to our left.
327Pan right as Red is barely seen, Yellow twirls around from one Putty to another, and Pink tangles with a Bladehand.
332Jellyfish throws his arms about, as Black faces him, and his Ranger teammates regroup in confronting the monster.
334Jellyfish’s tentacle hand sprays mist at the Rangers, who dive out of the way after a few seconds.
346Blue & Black fall onto the pathway, as Red hops in, sees them, then turns to face the laughing Jellyfish.
347Close on Red whipping out Power Sword, posing with it, then rushing forth.
349Close on Red coming up to the screen and raising sword.
350[Teleport warping effects added.] Red is about to slash Jellyfish, when he teleports far behind him. Red stops, looks around, spots him goes to slash him again, and once more, he teleports far behind him. Red turns and thrusts at him, but the monster again teleports, and despite Red being quicker this time, he’s left open for a sparkily umbrella smash.
351Red falls and rolls along pathway, as his teammates regroup defensively around him.
352The Rangers face Jellyfish, zoom in as he twirls umbrella top at them.
354The five Rangers, standing in black background, mist-floored dimension, look around, with Red standing up and stepping forth to do so. The five Rangers suddenly notice Jellyfish’s legs come into the frame, all posing to face him.
356Transparent, Jellyfish casually walks through the five Rangers, their attempts to hit him pass right through him. He sparkily strikes Yellow, then Pink, then Red, finally blocking Blue & Black’s double kick and sparkily slashing both down.
359Zoom out as Jellyfish falls in front of the fountain in our dimension, getting up and prancing in place as the Rangers rush up and face him defensively.
366Zoom out as Black is joined by his teammates, nod-talking to Red, who takes center position, and all five raise their Power Weapons to pose.
368The five Rangers look upward left, are unsettled for a moment, then turn to the upper right, reaching out with their right arms, summoning.
412Smoking-chested Yellow rolls to the feet of her approaching teammates, Pink comforting her, as Red steps ahead to confront the monster.
414Red raises a fist and then is about to rush into action, when Yellow grabs him, stops him, then steps ahead of him.
416The team remains in place, stepping forth in shock at the disappearance of the monster. Yellow looks down, clenching fist to chest and seeming disappointed.
455[Fades in from white.] As her teammates rush up and get in formation behind her, Yellow spreads arms out, then poses with Power Dagger.
461Zoom out sharply as Pink lands on her back, rolls over as the three male Rangers regroup around her, then pose, before rushing off to fight.
462Mantis ducks under Red’s kick, blocks Black’s kick before sparkily slashing him off, turns, blocks Blue’s kick then sparkily slashes him off, then smacks Red’s kicking leg away.
463Closer as Mantis blocks Red’s punch, then sparkily slashes him down, causing the Ranger to roll away.
465Close on Red as he gestures fist across chest, nod-talks, then zoom out as he and his teammates all raises their right arms and summon to the skies.
51[Fades in from white.] Zoom out as the five Rangers rush in and face the wall of a quarry, looking around confused.
52Close on the Rangers, reverse angle, as a burst of smoke rises up from the ground behind them, causing them to look back.
57The Rangers scramble into formation, as they face Dramole.
59The mist sprays onto the Rangers, causing them to flail about.
511The Rangers look up and about as they find the quarry is now unusually dark, so they face front and pose.
513[Energy swirl effect added.] Wobbily zoom in as the Rangers are struck by the energy swirls, all but Pink, who reaches out for them concernedly, but they grasp their heads and stagger off.
514[Energy swirl effect added.] The four Rangers collapse onto the ground, still clutching their energy-swirled heads. They suddenly stop grasping heads, as they rise from the ground and act like zombies, reaching out while stumbling forth.
515Pink backs up and holds out arms, as Red approaches her, menacingly, followed by his fellow zombified teammates, who stalk about making threatening motions. Pink dodges under Red’s lunge, then past Yellow’s.
517Pink is held between Black & Blue, as Yellow & Red pose beside Dramole, who steps up and motions hands.
520Pink energy beams shine down from the upper right onto the dark battlefield, causing the ground near Dramole to explode sparkily.
521Repeat from a direct angle, as Dramole and the zombified Yellow & Red get sparkily blasted back by the multipliy bursting ground.
524[Energy swirl effect added.] Unzombified, Yellow & Red get up from their crouching positions, looking upward, then around, Yellow glancing at hands.
527Zoom out as Green lands amid the team, they regroup around him and face front.
531Dramole’s giant foot stomps down in quarry, causing the small Rangers to dive away in various directions.
537Downward angle on the five Rangers, all stepping forth, as they look upward to our left. Red raises a fist.
651Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip over the camera under a sunny blue sky.
652Close on Grumble Bee, excitedly pressing forth, when he’s suddenly kicked back by Black & Red’s legs.
653Black & Red pose defensively in front of Blue & Yellow, as Pink comes around back of them.
655Side angle on five Rangers, Yellow standing up and joining the other four, as Red leads the charge in rushing to our left, leaving Blue on the ground.
658As Putties scramble about, Red dodges one, then blocks Bladehand’s strike with his forearm and prepares to hit back.
673Zoom out as Grumble Bee yaks, while four Rangers appear and face him.
674Four Rangers do their usual group pose.
676Grumble Bee fires off yellow sonic waves of energy at four Rangers, striking them as they grasp their helmets, until a series of explosions knock them off their feet.
677Closer repeat of the Rangers getting sparkily blasted off their feet.
678Close pan left across the four Rangers, lying on the ground, smoking, writhing, and grasping at the ear areas of their helmets.
680Blue Ranger rushes in, reaching out, comes to his downed teammates’ side, crouches amid them for a moment, then rises and nod-talks vengefully to our left.
685Blue raises weapon up, no longer firing it, as his teammates regroup around him, Yellow by his side, talking, then facing front.
688Red pulls out Power Sword, then jumps up.
689Red leaps up in the air, poised with sword in zoom in.
691Red leaps up, backflips, and slashes sword into screen during zoom in.
692Close on Grumble Bee getting sparkily struck by Power Sword, knocking him back.
695Zoom out as the five Rangers turn from facing left, to facing front, raising right arms up and summoning.
72Two-Headed Parrot sparkily slashes both Green & Red, causing them to fall and roll, then get up in defensive crouches.
76Green & Red stand up and step forth, Red nod-talking a little.
78Two-Headed Parrot faces Red & Green, as they switch positions and pose.
711Two-Headed Parrot dives between Red & Green, sparkily slashing them on the way by.
713Two-Headed Parrot dives between Green & Red, sparkily slashing them again on the way by.
714Zoom out as Two-Headed Parrot lands, then turns around to face Green & Red, who fall to their knees, but get back up, defensive.
717Red & Green dive to the side after a pair of spark bursts erupt in front of them.
718Red & Green fall, roll up to a posing crouch, then jump up.
719Red & Green leap up, poised as shot zooms in.
722Red & Green get sparkily blasted in mid-air, falling as a result.
723Zoom out as Red & Green hit the ground, failing to get up, but managing to raise their heads to look forth.
724Zoom out as Two-Headed Parrot slowly walks, one foot in front of the other, toward the downed Ranger pair, motioning his arms tauntingly. Red & Green struggle their way back up onto their feet to face him.
725Red is about to rush into battle, when Green grans his shoulder, cautioning him. Red jerks his arm back, knocking his hand away, pointing forth and making a determined fist. Red is about to rush forth again, when Green grabs his shoulder once more, this time grabbing both and holding him back, finally leading him to a hasty retreat.
727[Fades in from white] Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip over the camera, under a blue sky in the forest.
728Zoom out as Two-Headed Parrot lands and turns around in distance, as the four Rangers rush up and line up to face him.
731While the other Rangers battle Putties in the distance, Pink is closest to the camera, cartwheeling past Putty, turns around and kicks it, then ducks under Bladehand.
733Red does a reverse roundhouse, kicking Putty over, then is about to face another.
737Side angle on five Rangers lined up, whipping out their Bladeblasters in saber mode, then raising them over their heads.
738The Rangers pose with their Bladeblasters, then rush forth as a team with them held outward during zoom in.
739Two-Headed Parrot smacks Red aside, dodges Yellow, then smack-blocks both Pink & Blue’s Blades, before sparkily slashing Blue, then Pink before turning and blocking Yellow’s hit, then her kick, before sparkily slashing her away. He then sparkily slashes Black off, before turning and ducking under Red’s kick, before blocking his Blade, grabbing his arm.
740Close on Two-Headed Parrot smacking down Red’s Blade before sparkily slashing him away.
741Red falls and rolls into a weary crouch, as his teammates regroup defensively around him.
742The Rangers all drop their guard and step forth, Red rising up to join them in standing.
743Two-Headed Parrot fires pink lasers from all four of his eyes into a series of beams, pan left as they explosively strike the five Rangers.
744Close side angle repeat on the Rangers getting knocked off their feet by the spark burst explosion.
745Pan right along the Rangers, lying in a writhing spread, eventually reaching Red, who gets up into a crouch, only to have Black grab his arm, shaking his head.
746Between Red & Black in the near distance, Two-Headed Parrot gestures arms while talking, then wagging his right index finger.
748Red makes a fist then jumps, despite Pink & Yellow’s protest.
749Red leaps up, bends left leg, slashes Blade downward and forth, zoom in sharply.
750Two-Headed Parrot blocks Red’s Blade, he does a reverse roundhouse, Parrot ducks, Red thrusts, Parrot blocks, kicks him in the chest, then sparkily slashes him away.
751Red falls and rolls across the grass, barely able to raise his head to look forward.
753Red grabs Two-Headed Parrot’s right foot when it stomps down on him, holding it off for a few seconds before it finally grinds into his chest.
760Green proudly folds his arms, as his teammates rush to his side. Pink touches his arm and nod-talks, before releasing and raising her arm to him. He nods back, then Red pats his shoulder.
761Close on Green, as he turns to Red, who drops his hand from his shoulder, nod-talking.
762Green turns forward, unfolds arms, then enthusastically raises right fist in front of team.
764Red & Yellow raise fists.
765Shot of all six sets of Ranger legs as they jump up simultaneously.
766Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, and Green Rangers flip over the camera under a blue sky, with part of a tree barely visible.
771Red leaps up and kicks both feet together forth in zoom in.
772Two-Headed Parrot gets kicked back by both of Red’s legs.
773Zoom out as Red lands, his four teammates rush up and face him in a circle, as they all ready their arms.
774Upward shot of all five Rangers, in a circle, holding out their arms, wrists crossed, meeting fists in the center.
775Behind Red, Green leaps up, and flips feet first into the center of the circle.
776Close-up of Green’s feet landing atop all ten Ranger fists, which act as a trampoline, propelling him upward.
782All six Rangers motion arms across chests, then do their individual poses.
785Green twirls and gets away from his teammates, as they look skyward and raise arms, summoning.
814[Fades in from white.] The four Rangers stand under a bridge near water, looking upward, then all turning and looking upward to our left.
816Red raises a determined fist as the team watches, Blue & Pink copying just as Red starts to rush forth, the three then following.
817Peckster swoops down and sparkily slashes past each of the four Rangers.
818Red & Blue fall and roll into a crouch.
820Sharp zoom out as Peckster lands in the distance, turning to face the team as the four rush up and watch him.
823Close on Blue & Red as they look down at their feet.
825Zoom out as the four Rangers are knocked off their feet, suddenly surrounded by a scrambling gang of Putties
827The Rangers battle the Putties in a group shot, Red, closest to camera, blocking a Putty’s strike.
829Red knocks back Putty then blocks second one’s kick.
842Blue & Red leap up together, arms poised to fight.
844Zoom in on the leaping Blue & Red as they punch their right fists forth.
845Blue & Red are flung over Peckster, unable to hit him and struggling in the air as the monster raises arms at them.
846Different angle, on Blue & Red flipping over Peckster onto their backs.
847Zoom out as Red & Blue fall and roll, getting up in defensive crouches to face Peckster.
851Side angle on Red & Blue as they struggle against the oncoming wind gusts, before finally getting thrown back.
854Side angle on Red & Blue, being blown off the ground as their chests spark burst, and the ground also spark-splodes.
855Repeat, different angle, of Red & Blue, being blown off the ground as their chests spark burst, the ground also spark-splodes, as Peckster stands in foreground.
856Red & Blue hit the railing, fall and roll, as Yellow & Pink rush to their side, helping them up into wear crouches.
858Peckster’s POV as the four Rangers get into position to take him on as he fast approaches them.
860Crowded shot, of Peckster sparkily pecking Yellow, ducking under Red’s kick, blocking Blue’s hit then sparkily slashing him, blocking Pink’s hit then sparkily slashing her, then facing Red again.
861Peckster blocks Red’s arm, then jumps up and sparkily slashes him.
862Red falls and rolls, lifting head up while still laying there.
863As Red struggles to get up, fails, and holds arm defensively, Peckster slowly approaches, bobbing his head, then suddenly looks to our right.
867Zoom out as Peckster lands, and the four Rangers regroup around the balloon-carrying Black to face the monster.
870Black stands in front of his teammates, nod-talks and holds his balloon-carrying arms up in the air.
878Standing in front of his teammates, Black points to our slight left, then slaps hands together defiantly.
879Red steps up to Black and pats his shoulder, nod-talking. Black nod-talks back, then steps forth, gesturing to those behind him as he puts his hands on his hips.
883Zoom out as Black fires pinkish beams from his Bladeblaster to our slight left.
886Red and the others back up, while looking upward at their enemy, then all look skyward our right as they raise arms and summon.
98Close on Red Ranger as he poses his arms, then rushes to our right.
99Lizzinator picks up the red car and slowly raises it over his head, as the Red Ranger appears on the scene, calling out to him.
910Close on Red as he makes a fist with his right hand.
911Zoom in past Red, onto Lizzinator as he slowly turns the raised car around so that it’s between him and the Ranger.
913Red rushes to our right, ready to fight, and runs right into the thrown car, knocking him back.
914Red falls and rolls, as the car lands, with Red visible underneath it, Red rolling away on the ground.
916Red whips out Bladeblaster in sword mode and holds it outward while rushing forth.
918Red leaps onto and off of the hood of the car, slashing at Lizzinator with Blade, but he ducks. Red then roundhouses, it’s avoided,
919Zoom out as Red is thrown against the car, bracing against it as he nearly falls down, but pulls himself back up and holds Blade ready.
921Red remains against the car, as Lizzinator slaps his chest then raises hands fiercely, prompting the Ranger to raise his weapon.
922Red graps his right shoulder for a moment, then raises his Blade overhead and rushes to our right with it held outward.
923Red strikes at Lizzinator, he blocks his arm, grabs it, then bends down and grabs the Ranger’s right inner thigh with the other hand, and lifts him over his shoulders.
924Lizzinator gives Red a helicopter ride, spinning around before throwing him off.
925Red falls onto the hood of the car, rolls off, rolls on the debris-covered ground, then rolls onto his back.
926Lizzinator does his fierce arm motions, then stomps forth, grabbing the crouched Red Ranger by his shoulders and dragging him up roughly into a standing position.
927Face to face, Red struggles as Lizzinator raises him higher above him.
928Close on Lizzinator’s feet as Red’s dangling pair of boots slowly elevate, as he kicks in the air futilely.
929With the Ranger up high enough, Lizzinator uses his free hand to punch into Red’s stomach.
930Red is flung into a wall of rusty barrels and cardboard boxes.
931Different angle on Red falling through the wall of rusty barrels and cardboard boxes.
932Lizzinator waves hand like something stinks, spreads arms, pats chest, then raises arms a few more times, before teleporting away.
935Close on the edge of a cliff, as the car is pushed toward it, pan left as it stops, Lizzinator pausing his trunk-shoving as the five Rangers appear in the background.
936The five Rangers rush onto the scene together, Red pointing forth.
938Explosion bursts behind the five Rangers, they alertly begin to scramble, when a second explosion bursts in front of them, the whole team diving to our left.
939Zoom out as the Rangers roll to safety, get up, and pose, ready for action.
944While the Rangers are busy with Putties in the distance, Lizzinator turns his attention back to the car, and resumes shoving its trunk.
945Red finishes taking down a Putty, looks forth, then jumps up.
946Zoom in as Red leaps up, flips over and dives feet first.
947Red bounces off of Lizzinator’s shoulders, dazing the monster.
948Red lands on the roof of the car, hops down, then opens the driver’s side door.
949Red is just about to enter the car, when a passenger Putty’s Ballhand punches him directly in the face.
950Red falls and rolls away from the car, then looks back at it.
952Zoom out as Red Ranger alertly gets up and poses defensively in the middle of the quarry road.
954Putty Car POV as the vehicle races toward Red, who turns and runs away, before finally facing it again and jumping up.
955Red flips up onto the car’s roof.
956Zoom out as Red lands atop the moving car’s roof, while it passes by Lizzinator, who stands there watching.
957Sharp zoom in as Red clings to the roof of the car, as the Putty swerves from left to right, trying to throw the Ranger off, to no avail.
959Red continues to cling to the roof, as an explosion bursts in the road, causing the Putty to spin completely around, driving back the other way.
960Repeat, from a higher angle, of that event, the explosion causing the Putty to spin completely around, driving back the other way.
961Continued from two shots ago, Red still holds on for dear life as the Putty hauls clay away from the blast, while still swerving.
962Continued from three shots ago, the Putty-driven car is speeding away and swerving, when a second explosion bursts up just behind it.
963Red falls and rolls, and gets back up in a defensive crouch.
964Red rises, zoom in past him as Lizzinator rushes forth, stops, makes double fists, then points at his enemy.
965Red poses, battle ready, then rushes forth.
968Red gets sparkily struck by the flying boulder.
970Red gets sparkily struck by the second flying boulder, throwing him back into a fall and roll.
976Green lands, runs over, and tries to help Red up, but he slaps his hand away, getting up on his own while clutching his shoulder.
977Green steps away from the agonized Red, and makes a fist while facing the monster. Red reaches out and grabs his shoulder, getting his attention,
979Crouching with Red, Green turns away from him, then turns back, grabs his arms and they exchance glances, before Green stands and faces front, posing.
981As Red remains crouching and reaches out, Green poses then rushes into battle.
992Sharp zoom out as Green lands, fist pointed for a moment, while Lizzinator remains sitting in foreground, and the Rangers approach their teammate.
993The Rangers regroup, as Red nod-talks to Green, motioning to chest, then holding out his right hand to him.
994Close on Green as he grabs Red’s outstretched hand, clenching fist in fist, then glancing to his right.
997Lizzinator stomps giant foot down, causing the Rangers to drive away in various directions.
9110The five Rangers rush up, while looking skyward our left, stunned by what they see, then turn to the upper right and raise arms, summoning.
101[Fades in from white.] The five Rangers rush into the unnatural pumpkin patch, and approach the pumpkins, Pink runs off to our left, while Blue & Red kneel before pumpkins.
104[Fades to white.] Close on Red picking up pumpkin and standing up, looking at it, then looking around, before looking at it again, as it glows a static-orange, zoom in as it forces itself onto his head.
105[Fades in from white; fades out to black.] Zoom out as struggles with the pumpkin stuck over his head, finally collapsing, while Blue, Yellow, and Black stagger into view, each clutching their pumpkined heads.
106[Fades in from black.] The four pumpkin-headed Rangers stand there struggling futilely to remove their noggin-gourds, before Black tries yanking on Yellow’s, while Blue lifts his leg over Red’s and tries to remove his.
108Black has Yellow in a headlock, unable to yank the pumpkin off, he starts to bonk on it, until his hold slips. Blue sits on the ground, as Red stands behind him, trying to yank off his pumpkin, before finally giving it a karate chop, which merely causes his right hand to pain, which he shakes off.
1010Pink rushes over to her teammtes, Blue doing a headstand tryin to remove his pumpkin, Red clutching his pumpkin-head, Black & Yellow doing the same, before she whips arms around to hip.
1012Pink raises Bladeblaster in sword mode over her head and strikes at Red’s pumpkin-head.
1013Pink sparkily slashes pumpkin into pieces, freeing the relieved Red to clutch at his depumpkined helmet.
1018The Rangers regroup together, Red patting Black on the shoulder and nodding to him. Pink picks up a pumpkin chunk then throws it back down. Red nod-talks to Blue, who then pops forth, aggressively talking and looking around, everyone alert.
1022The five Rangers get into battle ready posing stances.
1024Red dodges Ballhand Pumpkinhead, roundhouses second Pumpkinhead away, then slaps Ballhand before slapping it in the face, then turns, blocks and punches Pumpkinhead.
1034Pink poses alertly, when her teammates regroup around her, they look around, Yellow nod-talks to her, Pink pats her shoulder and nod-talks to her then to Red. Everyone glances about some more.
1036Slow pan left along the five Rangers, as they look around, ending on Blue, who points forth and grabs Yellow’s shoulder.
1038Close on Red as he looks to our slight right, nod-talks, then jumps.
1039Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, and Pink Rangers flip over the camera under a very, very cloudy sky.
1040Zoom out as the Rangers land before the great pumpkin, looking down at it, Red nod-talks to the team, raises a thumb, they respond in kind, then all look at the big gord.
1041Skyward POV shot of the five Rangers standing in a semi-circle, looking down at the great pumpkin. Each leans forth and makes a gesture while rapping.
1044Zoom out as the Rangers step forth, Red points, then all five pose.
1046Red whips out Bladeblaster in sword mode, and uses it to smack away Pumpkinhead, then one passing, before sparkily slashing a third, roundhouse kicking and sparkily slashing the second, before sparkily slashing the first.
1052Zoom out from Pumpkin Rapper as the Blade-armed Rangers rush up and face him as a team.
1053Side angle on the Rangers as they raise their Blades up over their heads.
1059Close on vine rope snapping Red’s hand, causing him to drop Bladeblaster.
1063Pumpkin Rapper stands there, holding the bushy vine, as it has now wrapped around all five Rangers, holding them tightly together.
1065Pumpkin Rapper holds out arms, flashes orange, the vine-wrapped Rangers glow green, which flows up the vine to him, until they suddenly spark burst.
1066Close repeat on the vine-wrapped Rangers getting spark bursted, causing them to fall into a combined heap.
1067[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] The vine-wrapped Rangers slowly rise up, still bound to each other, out of their heap.
1072Green lands, then holds dagger forth defensively, as his teammates cast off their vine-binds and rush to his side.
1074Side angle on the Rangers, as Green glances from side to side, nod-talking. They nod in response, Red raising fist, as Green then dashes to our left.
1076Green races at us with his dagger held outward, as rapid spark bursts explode behind him.
1079Pumpkin Rapper gets sparkily slashed by Green, who lands, does a reverse roundhouse, then grabs the monster’s arms and holds him in a lock, leading him around as camera tracks left. Green nod-talks to the five Rangers in the near distance, as he forces Pumpkin’s back to them.
1080As Red raises his fist, the five Rangers, each with their Power Weapon in hand, pose, ready to bring ’em together.
1087The five Rangers step forth, reacting to what they see at our upper left, then turn to our slight right, raising right arms up and summoning.
116Red Ranger rushes up to a field, looks around, then turns around and continues looking, spotting the Shark’s fin passing quickly under the camera.
117Close on Red as he rushes forth to follow.
1111Red gets sparkily slashed as Slippery Shark leaps past him.
1112Red falls and rolls, chest smoking, gets up in a crouch and clutches chest.
1114Red holds out his Bladeblaster and fires several pinkish energy bolts to our left, camera pans that way, showing Shark’s fin as the bolts burst to sparks all around.
1116Red stands up and backs up as the fin pulls to a stop in front of him.
1117Red flips over onto his back as Shark’s fin passes to our right.
1120Close on Red as he turns, nods, then rushes to our slight left to follow.
1132Distant shot of Green and Red rushing together to meet beside the lake. Green glances around, Red puts his hand on his shoulder, and Green slaps it away, then shoves him aside as he walks past him.
1133Close on Green, facing away from Red, who nod-talks then points at him.
1135Red walks forward, closer to Green.
1136Green talks to Red, gesturing his hands, pointing thumb to chest, then motioning to the ground as they switch places. Red nods, then spreads arms and flaps hands, motioning to the sky as he talks to Green.
1137Green taps back of his hand to Red’s chest, then gestures thumb at self, before raising arms at his teammate condescendingly.
1138Close on Red as he gestures thumb to chest, then nods.
1139Distant shot, of Red quickly tapping Green’s chest as he rushes to the left, Green watching for a moment then rushing off to the right.
1141Green races across the horizon, camera following, as he follows the Shark’s fin, which dives underground completely just as the Ranger passes over.
1142Green and Red once again cross paths, meeting in a forest clearing, stopping to glance around, Green pounding fist to his palm.
1143Close on Green and Red, as they cease looking around. Red nod-talks to Green, who responds by wagging a finger at him, then shoves him aside and walks past, both then glance around.
1144Shark fin POV as the camera races at ground level directly at Red & Green, who turn their backs to the approaching menace.
1146Slippery Shark leaps up between Red & Green, spark bursting their chests.
1147Repeat, side angle, on Slippery Shark leaping up between Red & Green, spark bursting their chests.
1148Red & Green fall on the ground, side by side, flat on their stomachs. Red looks forth, points and nod-talks, Green looking at him, clutching chest. They both get up into a crouch, Red nod-talking to him, Green replies, then both quickly stand in defensive positions.
1150Close on Red, posing defensively, as Green repositions his arms in his stance to a less alert posture.
1152Continued, Red, remaining posed, nod-talks to Green, who shifts his body slightly in front of his teammate’s.
1155Red spreads his arms out as Green backflips up toward him from behind.
1156Close on Red as Green’s boots land on his shoulders.
1162Green dusts off hands then folds arms proudly, as Red rushes up and joins his side.
1164Green unfolds arms and wags his finger the monster’s way, then turns to Red, raises arms, then puts his hands on his hips.
1165Slippery Shark struggles and kicks at the net, as Red & Green face him in foreground.
1168As Slippery Shark stands in foreground, Green & Red are taken aback by his escape.
1171Slippery Shark lands between Green & Red, who dodge his attack. Green kicks, he blocks, then blocks Red’s kick, before blocking Green’s punch. Red tries to hit him, Shark sparkily slashes him down, then Green has his kick blocked again, before Shark connects his fin blade with Green’s shoulder, he grips it, they switch places, then the monster sparkily slashes it down.
1172[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe] Green falls and rolls, getting up in a crouch, clutching chest, as Red comes over and crouches with him, posing defensively.
1177Red & Green leap up and punch thier right fists forth to our slight right.
1178Slippery Shark turns and gets both Red & Green’s fists socked in his jaw.
1180Red & Green rush up to the spot he submerged, glancing around as their other teammates join in their search.
1183Shark’s fin races to our right, knocking over all six of the Rangers as it passes under them.
1185The Rangers get up, Black diving and rolling forth to pose.
1187Black pulls out his Power Axe in Blaster Mode, and fires it forth, shooting purplish beams of energy as his teammates stand behind him.
1190Zoom out as Black gets up and joins his teammates’ side, as they all hold their Power Weapons readied.
121[Fades in from white.] Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Red flip over camera under a partly cloudy sky.
122Zoom out as the five Rangers land in a quarry and pose.
125Zoom out as the Rangers pose with their Bladeblasters in sword mode.
127Side angle on the five Rangers raising their Blade holding hands, then rushing forth.
128Zoom in and track right as the Rangers charge at Soccadillo, who blocks each of their passing attacks, finally reaching Black, ducking under his kick then sparkily slashing him down. Blue & Pink slash their Blades at the monster at once, but grabs both weapons and leads the pair back quite a few feet, before releasing and sparkily slashing them off. He turns, ducks under Red’s kick, blocks Yellow’s strike, sparkily slashes Yellow, blocks both of Red’s hits, eventually getting him into position.
129Close on Soccadillo sparkily slashing Red down.
1210Red falls and rolls across the quarry, his teammates regroup defensively around him in a crouch.
1212A pair of spark bursts erupt on the ground around the Rangers, knocking them all off their feet at once.
1213As the Rangers lie writhing amid the smoke, sharp zoom in on Blue, who nod-talks and gestures Blade in hand.
1215Side angle on Red, who gets up, raises a fist, then crosses arms, Blade in hand.
1218The male Rangers stand there, as Yellow & Pink swap positions on either side of Red, before all five reposition their Blades.
1221Close on Pink’s legs landing on Blue & Red’s shoulders.
1222Close on Yellow’s legs landing on Red & Black’s shoulders.
1223Zoom out as the five Rangers stand in Tower Formation, pointing weapons forth.
1225Close on just above Red’s head, as all five Rangers point their Bladeblasters in sword mode at the same spot.
1226Rangers in Tower Formation fire Blades at one another, unleashing a spinning blue triangle with red center in yellow circle that shoots at us.
1228Pink & Yellow hop down from the guys’ shoulders, as the Rangers hold Blades defensively and look shocked at the monster’s change.
1230The Rangers step back, but keep Blades held up, as Ball Mode Soccadillo approaches them.
1231Ball Mode Soccadillo races through Black & Red, knocking them over.
1235The Rangers regroup as Blue & Pink recover, Red posing actively at the monster.
1242The clay rock balls hit the five Rangers, spark bursting them down.
1246Ball Mode Soccadillo falls through the five Rangers, spark smashing most of them.
1251Zoom out as Green lands and poses, his teammates regroup around him and then join in posing.
1255Red & Green look upward, slow zoom in on them as Red turns to Green, nod-talks, he responds, and both punch forth and up.
1256Close on Green & Red’s fists punching into Soccadillo’s Ball Mode, causing a superimposed explosion to erupt.
1263Red & Green flip up at a slight angle, as they strike Power Sword and Dragon Dagger forth, respectively.
1265Zoom out sharply as Red & Green land amid their team, and pose with weapons.
1267The five Rangers step back while looking upward, then all turn to our slight right and raise arms to the sky, summoning.
131[Fades in from white.] Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip kind of across and over the camera under a blue sky.
132Zoom out sharply as the five Rangers land and turn to face Rhinoblaster, who stands in side foreground.
133Close on Red Ranger as he does both of his poses.
138Zoom out as the Rangers do their standard group pose.
1312Zoom out as the Rangers also pose on left-bent legs, motioning right arms to the ground, then rushing forth as a team.
1313Zoom out as the wall of five Football Putties collides with the wall of Rangers, each pressing against one another, but the Putties advancing to the right.
1314Zoom out from behind the Rangers as they continue to hold on as a human wall, all their heads pressed in between the Football Putties’ sides, feet sliding as the Rangers are pushed back by the advancing formation of Putties.
1315Panning up beneath the Football Putties & Rangers, we see at an upward angle Black, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Blue getting their holds broken and punched by their enemies.
1316Zoom out as the Rangers are flung across the field, fall and roll, getting up defensive crouches.
1318Side angle on the Rangers, as the Football Putties dash through them, causing all five to flip over onto their backs.
1319Zoom out as the Football Putties stand in a line and whip out their right-armed Bladehands (one has a Ballhand), raise them, then charge to our left.
1320Side angle again of the Rangers, as they’ve just recovered from the first advance, the Bladehanded Football Putties dash back through them, sparkily slashing all five Rangers down as they pass.
1321Zoom out as the Rangers flop onto the ground, writhing about in pain.
1324[Flashing, and purple energy effect added; Fades to next shot.] The Rangers stand and struggle as the mist sprays upon them, a flashing of light leads to a twirling purple energy whirlwind that spins upward, teleporting them all away.
141Quick zoom out as five Rangers pose on the rocky beach.
143Side angle on the Rangers, as Red drops his pose, looks around at his teammates briefly, nod-talking.
1417Side angle on the regular Rangers, stepping forth and looking around at each other confused, Pink walking ahead of Red, nod-talking and gesturing arms.
1423As Commander Crayfish & Red Ranger clash swords in foreground, each Ranger fights their Mutant double all over the battlefield in the back.
1439Zoom out as Green Ranger lands in front of Red, posing defensively between him and Commander Crayfish.
1441Zoom out as Green Ranger whips out Dragon Dagger and holds it outward, rushing forth while Red reaches out in protest.
1445Zoom out as Green Ranger points forth, nod-talks, gestures to chest, while his teammates regroup behind him.
1447The six Power Rangers shift about nervously, Red & Green exchanging glances.
1449The six Power Rangers can bearely react when a massive fireball bursts right in front of them, knocking them all off their feet.
1451[Teleportation effect added.] Red slowly crawls up to a crouch, zoom out as he suddenly looks at his left wrist, nods after a moment, the team finishes standing up, he looks around and talks, then all spread out arms, crossing them in front of chest, as they teleport away from the scene.
1453Red Ranger leaps up and at camera during zoom in, holding out sword.
1454Commander Crayfish & Red Ranger sparkily slash each other as they pass in mid-air.
1455Zoom out as they land facing away, they turn, clash swords, Red thrusts, Crayfish dodges, Red roundhouse kicks, it’s blocked, they lock swords against each other’s shoulder, Red pushes him back a few feet, then both sparkily slice one another, breaking off, smoking, facing each other again.
1469Zoom out as the Pink Ranger gets up, and joins her teammates as the other five Power Rangers regroup around her.
1471Red Ranger raise a fist, nods, then raises sword, the other Power Rangers then posing with their Power Weapons.
1472The combined Power Blaster is lowered, zoom out as the five Rangers, with Green in the back for support, stand together, helping Red to brace it.
1474Distant side angle shot of the two teams of Rangers facing off across from one another in the quarry area.
1476Close side angle on the six Power Rangers aiming Power Blaster, an motioning arms.
1477The Mutant Blaster fires its orange beam, as the Power Blaster fires its purple beam, both colliding between the two Ranger teams, until the superior firepower of the Power Blaster overtakes the Mutants’, pushing back against them and erupting into a massive explosion.
1482The Rangers take a step back after seeing what’s to our upper left, then turn, all except Green, raising hands to upper right and summoning.
162The five Rangers dash through a debris-strewn alleyway, stopping in front of us and looking upward as a group. As they do this, the camera tilts upward and zooms in on Pirantishead, atop the edge of the roof of the building behind them, clapping fish-chucks together.
165As the five Rangers look upward, chunks of debris rain down upon them, they dodge and shield themselves, Red spinning around to do so. After the debris has settled, Red reaches out briefly, then nods, his teammates also looking upward with him, Yellow nodding.
168The five Rangers are looking upward at us in alley, when a mist sprays down at them, causing them to wave their arms about, shielding themselves from it. Once it stops, they spark burst and fall to our right.
169Close on the five Rangers falling onto the cement, then getting up in crouches, looking upward to our left.
1611Zoom out as Green lands among his teammates, who all finally stand up amid the rubble, and look upward. Red & Green switch positions, Green turns and nod-talks to Black, who responds vigorously, pointing and motioning to chest, before all look upward again.
1629Zoom out as Green ceases playing Dragon Dagger, reaches up, nod-talks, and joins his teammates in stepping back nervously.
1631Dragonzord’s tail swings across the alleyway, knocking the six Rangers into the air.
1632The six Rangers fall to the ground, Green rolls away, as the Rangers get up in a crouch, all looking upward over us, nearly helplessly.
1635Downward angle on the six Rangers as they get up from their crouching positions, looking upward at us. Zoom in on Red, in front of Black & Yellow, solemnly watching.
1637In the quarry, the Black, Red, Green, and Pink Rangers run forward toward the camera.
1638The Black, Red, Green, and Pink Rangers, facing our left, stop running upon noticing something.
1639Zoom out from close on Pirantishead, motioning his arms about, to reveal Black, Red, Green, and Pink Rangers preparing to confront him.
1640The Black, Red, Green, and Pink Rangers pose ready for battle, camera zoom in on Red as he points forward, then lowers arm while nod-talking.
1643Pink, Green, Red, and Black Rangers stand in quarry, looking upward, then all step back a good couple of feet.
1645Dragonzord & Tyrannosaurus loom menacingly in front of us, as the tiny four Rangers rush about in the quarry in the distance.
1647Really distant downward shot of four Rangers being thrown into the air as a series of three dust blasts burst up around them.
1648Alternate shot where Pink, Green, Red, and Black Rangers are overwhelmed by dust-blast bursts behind them, before one erupts in front of them, engulfing them completely.
1649Pan right across the four Rangers lying on the ground, to Red as he rises up, clutching left shoulder, then ceases clutching left shoulder, reaches out with right hand, then grabs shoulder again, as Green and Black writhe on ground near him, he collapses to his knees, and looks upward.
1651Pink, Green, Red & Black stand up from their crouching, chest-clutching positions as Yellow & Blue reach them. Blue sets down device, pulls up the rabbit ears, then Green & Red lift it up as Blue begins to operate it, everyone glancing upwards over us sporadically.
1653The six Rangers look upward at Tyrannosaurus & Dragonzord as they approach the ridge in front of them, causing the team to step back.
1654The six Rangers nervously back up, continuing to glance upward over us, as Blue repeatedly presses the button atop the device.
1657Tyrannosaurus’s leg stomps down in quarry, causing the distant, tiny Rangers to dive to our left.
1658The Rangers fall and roll to our left, before scrambling in mostly crouches around the dropped device. Blue frantically continues pressing it, and glances around talking, as Pink pats his shoulders, Black gestures arms in frustration, and everyone divides their attention between him and above.
1661Zoom out as the Rangers rise up, all looking upward over us, Red in front, raising a fist. Pink turns to him, approaches him quickly, then all six Rangers look upward over us, as Red reaches around widely for left hip side.
1662Close on Power Sword being held outward into the air.
1663Zoom out as the five Rangers pose with Power Weapons, while Green hangs on to device box.
1665Zoom out as Red raises Power Blaster skyward, but only for a moment, before turning the combined weapon to our left, prompting teammates to brace against it.
1667The team gestures arms as Power Blaster fires pinkish beam to our left.
1670Zoom out as the Rangers pose with Power Weapons, Red then looking over to Blue, nod-talking, prompting a similar response before he rushes back to Green with the device, as the others remain posed defensively in front.
1676The Zords’ feet are just about to squash the six crouching Rangers when they suddenly pause, then rise away.
172Red, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip over camera under a blue sky.
173Zoom out as six Rangers land and pose in near distance, as Primator faces them.
175Red Ranger nod talks to Primator
177Red Ranger raises fist, thrusts it forward, and runs to his left.
178Close pan to our left as Red, Green, Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Yellow(!) Rangers pose.
1711The team falls out of formation as the Fake Yellow rushes over and pleads her case to the confused team.
1712Zoom out from the real Yellow, as she looks to her teammates, and makes gestures denying the evil twin’s claims.
1715Over Red’s shoulder, the pair of Yellows make identical movements as they attempt to convince the leader of their authenticity.
1716Reverse angle, Red glances to each of the Yellows, slow zoom in as he appears conflicted and looks down and to his right.
1718Red, still looking down to his right, looks forward to the Yellows and nod-talks.
1719Red raises his hand to his chest, nod-talks briefly, looks toward the rest of the team, then slowly backs away from the team, and makes a battle ready pose at the pair of Yellows.
1721Close on Red as he remains posed and poised, switching arms to make his left go forth more.
1722Zoom in past Red as the pair of Yellows react to his motions.
1731Zoom out as the team rallies around the true Yellow, Pink patting her shoulder, before all turn to face our slight right.
1733Slight elevated over shoulder view of Primator facing the Rangers. Red nods, turns to Yellow, and puts his hand on her shoulder as shot zooms in, turns to Primator, and nods. Yellow nods in agreement.
1734Side shot of Rangers to the right. Red steps forward, Black takes a step back, all raise right fists (except Yellow, who raises left).
1737Primator jabs at Yellow, who cartwheels away, Blue jump kicks, its blocked and he gets sparkily slashed. Primator ducks under Red’s kick, then maneuvers both Black & Green into flipping over his lance before blocking Pink’s kick and striking her, then Black, then stabbing/striking Green, striking Yellow, and swiping and missing Red.
1738Red Ranger is struck by Primator’s lance, sent falling to our left.
1739Red Ranger tumbles onto the brick walkway, stops, stands up, and reaches for his holster.
1740Zoom out as Red unsheathes his Power Sword from his holster, facing our left, then rushing forward.
1741Zoom out as lance and sword clash twice, before Red throws a kick over Primator, who ducks under, then raises weapon.
1742Upward shot of sword clashing against lance, before Red slashes up against it, releasing sparks.
1744Zoom out from Red as he poses with Power Sword, while his teammates regroup around him.
1746POV of Primator charging through the six Rangers, knocking them aside as he goes.
1747Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red fall and roll to our left, recovering.
1756Zoom out as the other five Rangers stand atop the wall, reaching out and reacting to their teammates’ plight, before racing off to our right.
1757Faux Black Ranger staggers out from the bushes, weary, as the five Rangers regroup around him, Red touching his shoulder.
1758Close on the fake Black nod-talking to Red for a moment, before suddenly punching him in the head.
1759Red is flung aside from the sucker punch, zoom in sharply as the four Rangers pile on Black, zoom out as he jumps up, breaking free, hitting Blue with a tornado kick, punching Pink in the gut and then the face, blocking a Green Ranger kick, then ducking and rolling under a spin kick, then punches at Red, before getting chopped on the right side of the neck.
1760With Black’s back to us, Red does a spin kick, which strikes fake Black on the side of the head, sending him rolling out of view to our left.
1762The other five Rangers step forth in reaction, then pose.
1764Phony Black rolls over from our right, poses, then backflips, transforming into Blue, poses, backflips into Pink, poses, handsprings forth into Red, finally posing with monkeyesque gestures.
1765Black ceases reaching out, turns to our right, races over and regroups with his teammates, only to have Red spread his arms to halt their progression.
1766Close side angle on Red blocking Black & Green, nod-talking, then raising a fist and charging to our left solo.
1767As the sunlight reflects off the bay, the real Red throws a passing kick over Fake Red, who ducks under with a failed footsweep. Real Red blocks Fake’s kick, Fake then blocks Real’s. Real Red strikes Fake Red on the side of the head, Fake ducks a roundhouse swipe, before striking Real Red on the side of his head.
1768Closer angle as the real Red blocks Fake’s punch, then Fake blocks Real’s, Real Red then deflects Fake’s knee, before Real Red throws a punch at Fake, who ducks under, the change of position allowing the fraud to knee the real one in the gut before punching him away.
1769Red falls and rolls as his teammates regroup defensively around him, posing at the monster.
1770Red poses, then reaches out, warning his teammates with a nod-talking.
1771The Rangers react, as Fake Red stands up, strikes Green in the face, then Black, then kicks Yellow in the head, ducks a roundhouse kick from Blue, then Blue readies to punch the fake.
1772Fake Red blocks Blue’s attempted punch, before kicking him Blue on the side of the head, then blocks an incoming side kick from Pink from behind, and ducks under a spinning back fist before kicking her in the side and punching her in the face.
1773Pink Ranger rolls down the walkway, before the Rangers run in and regroup around her and pose defensively at the monster.
1774Faux Red does his monkey motions, then gestures to his helmet, zoom in as he fires energy beams from the Tyrannosaurus eyes.
1775All six Rangers are flung into the air by the superimposed explosion.
1776Fake Red does some more happy monkey motions, then beats chest, transforming back into Primator, and stepping forth.
1777The Rangers slowly rise back up, when Red suddenly starts talking into his left wrist, the team reacting. Red looks to monster, gestures other fist, then the whole team stands tall and crosses their arms, teleporting away as low-level fog rolls by.
1780Shot of the bayfront slowly pans left across the harbor, stopping as Blue, Red, and Yellow approach the top of the bridgeway, all glancing about in search of their teammates.
1781Close on Red, as he looks about to our left, before suddenly turning sharply to our slight right.
1783The three Rangers approach the agonized False Green, who staggers and clutches chest.
1784Close-up of Red raising right leg and kicking at the camera.
1785Red kicks Faux Green into a fall and roll away.
1786Zoom in past the rolling Green fraud, as the three Rangers make defiant gestures.
1788Blue pulls out a Triceratop-symboled personal mirror, walks past his teammates, tapping mirror to his palm, and hands it to the Fake Green.
1792Slow zoom in on Blue, who rubs his nose, raises his right arm and then lowers while shaking it. He looks toward Red and Yellow, than back at Red-Green, pats the left side of his head, then motions right arm toward Red-Green.
1797Zoom out as the three Rangers step forth, Red motioning arm, causing Primator to turn around and hobble off.
17100Zoom out as Primator curls up then spreads arms outward, releasing bolts of electricity from his hands, the flashing power striking at all six Rangers to his sides.
17101Blue, Red, and Yellow fall and roll to our left, swiftly getting up and posing unharmed.
17103Red, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip over camera under a blue sky.
17104The six Rangers land in the distance and turn around as Primator walks in from our near left.
17106Upward shot on Red Ranger, posing.
17112Upward shot on Green and Red Rangers, posing.
17113All six Rangers pose for the camera.
17115Red Ranger makes a fist with his right hand, thrusts it forward.
17116Shot of all six Rangers’ boots as they jump into the air.
17117Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green & Red flip over the camera at alternating angles under a blue sky.
17124Red & Green leap up and swing their weapons left to right, as energy beams are shot forth.
17128Zoom out as Red & Green land, with Power Sword and Dragon Dagger in hands, respectively. Green shuffles to the background as the other Rangers regroup around Red, each with their Power Weapons, all posing, ready to bring them together.
17134The six Rangers jump back a step at the sight of the giant monster, then all but Green turn to our right and make summoning motions.
1837Pink, Red, and Yellow Rangers rush in from our left, regrouping with Blue & Black in facing the monster.
1838Black steps ahead in front of Blue, turns and touches his shoulder, prompting Blue to rub the back of his helmet.
1840Zoom out as the five Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
1843The five Rangers, all looking upward over us, change positions and get into a line, then turn to our upper right and make summoning gestures.
199Red, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip over the camera under a blue, sunny sky.
1911Quick zoom out from Red Ranger’s feet as all six Rangers land, turn around, and pose, all while Bloom of Doom comes into view in the foreground.
1913Zoom out from posing Red to show entire team posing.
1916Red Ranger blocks Ballhand Putty’s punch, then roundhouse kicks the Putty out of view, blocks another Putty’s strike, high kicks another Putty away, then blocks another Ballhand Putty’s strike.
1917Over-shoulder shot of a Putty being struck on the side of the head by Red, then being hit with a roundhouse kick. Red then poses.
1924Zoom out from Bloom of Doom as the six Rangers rush onto the scene, facing her.
1926The sparkily confetti showers all over the six Rangers, causing them to writhe about, before falling in separate directions.
1927Red, Blue, Black, and Green Rangers fall and roll to our right, standing up only to struggle in agony amid the confetti rain.
1929Close on Red as he throws his arms around while sneezing heavily due to the confetti, rubbing his nose repeatedly between sneezes.
19109Zoom out as Pink lands, Yellow rushes to her side to exchange a comment, and the other four Rangers finally regroup with them.
19111Pink raises her Power Bow, and with a nod, rallies her five teammates into posing.
19117The six Rangers looking upward, urgently retreat a few steps left. With Green at the rear, the core five reach out with their right arms, summoning.
2014Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow, and Red flip over the camera at alternating angles under a cloudy sky.
2017Red leaps up and punches right fist forth.
2018Sharp zoom out as Octophantom finds himself being punched by all five Rangers at once.
2019POV upward angle of five Rangers punching at the screen in a circle, leaning in, then being shoved back out.
2020The five Rangers are thrown into a roll, recovering loosely while Red poses first.
2021Zoom out as Octophantom points at the downed team.
2022Zoom out as the Rangers stand up, in defensive positions.
2026A trio of spark bursts erupt in front of the five Rangers, causing them to dive to our right.
2027The Rangers roll to our right, and recover in posing positions.
2030Close on Red’s chest as he stumbles back slightly.
2031Close on Red’s chest with a starfish explosive attached to it.
2032Zoom out, as the starfish explosives attach perfectly to the Rangers’ chests, causing them to spark burst and fall back.
2033Zoom out, as the five Rangers fall and roll, barely able to get up amid the lingering smoke.
2034Side angle, as the Rangers stand up and face the monster, Black nod-talks to Red, who responds with a fist raise. The team then rushes forth into battle, but Blue lingers behind, reaching out in protest.
2035Zoom out, Octophantom ducks under Red’s kick, shoves aside Black’s kick, blocks Yellow & Pink’s double-kick then smacks each aside, before getting both arms grabbed by Black & Red, forcing him to turn around.
2036Octophantom breaks free from Black & Red’s arm-pulling, pushing each away from him, while Blue keeps his distance and changes trees in background. Octophantom blocks Red’s kick, ducks under his second, then grabs his punching fist and pins his arm down.
2039Black & Red leap up and punch right fists forth.
2040Upward shot of Octophantom gesturing arms over head, causing Black & Red to fly right over and past him.
2041Red & Black land on their backs, rolling over as Pink & Yellow tumble down next to them.
2042As the four Rangers writhe on the ground, Octophantom motions arms while talking at them, while Blue rushes onto the scene in the background.
2051Close on Red as he quickly gets up into a posed crouch.
2053The jug glows, causing Red Ranger to dive to our right, as a wiggling blob of white shoots out of the jug, swirls around the other three Rangers, scoops them up, then returns to the vase.
2055Red stands up and reaches out in protest.
2059Red Ranger sprints up over a quarry hill, straight toward us.
2060Upward angle as Red rushes into frame and stops, slowly scanning the area.
2061Red steps forth and glances about, zoom out to show the large, empty quarry field.
2062Close on Red, as he turns from looking to our right, to straight on, shifting positions alertly.
2064Zoom out as Red nod-talks to the monster.
2069Wide angle shot on the the Rangers on top of the cliff. Putties run into view and surround them as the camera zooms out to show Red Ranger running toward them.
2070Red Ranger stops then reaches out to his teammates, above the camera.
2074Zoom out as Octophantom steps into view, motioning arms as Red remains looking upward to our left.
2075Close on Red, as he turns away from looking up at his teammates, facing the monster with a determined nod-talk.
2076Zoom in on Red’s right hand as he clenches it into an enraged fist.
2078Octophantom lands a punch into Red, knocking him back.
2079Red falls, rolls, but quickly gets right up and poses, spoiling for a fight.
2081Octophantom swings with a right, then a left, then a right, striking Red each time.
2082Octophantom swings with a left at Red, then a right, then hops up, arms raised, and grabs his shoulders.
2083Side angle as Octophantom grabs Red’s shoulders, pulls him in and knees him in the gut twice, before throwing him.
2084Octophantom pitches Red into the air.
2085Red falls to the ground, then flips himself onto his weary stomach.
2087Zoom in past the jug, as Red remains on his stomach, gripping his arm and unable to get himself up.
2088With Red Ranger still down, zoom out to show the view from over Black Ranger’s shoulder, as Octophantom approaches Red.
2091Push in on Red, as his arm gives out and he falls onto his back.
2097Lying on his back and side, Red turns his head, nods, then gets up.
20100Red runs up to Blue as he tries again in vain to lift the shield. Red stands beside Blue, who looks up at him as he remains leaning above the shield, then back down to it.
20101Close side angle, as Red looks at shield, then at Blue, nod-talking to him.
20102Upwardish angle, as Blue and Red talk to each other, mainly Blue, glancing at monster’s location, then lifting up his shield.
20103Another angle, as Red takes hold of the shield, prompting Blue to shake his arms out and grip bicep, implying its heaviness.
20104Wide angle view on Red and Blue in the foreground and the Rangers and Putties on the cliff as Octophantom, in the middle, points his finger then motions as if the Rangers’ plan will not work.
20106Multiple spark-bursts erupt around Red & Blue.
20107Repeat, closer, as multiple spark-bursts erupt around Red & Blue, causing them to dive to our left.
20108Red, still holding the shield, and Blue roll to our left and get back up, looking up over the camera.
20110Close on Red, turning and nod-talking to our right, then facing front and jumping up.
20111Red leaps up, and punches blue shield forth during zoom in.
20112Red lands and turns to face Octophantom, kicks, it’s blocked, Octophantom punches, he shield-blocks it, repeat, then Red spin kicks him away.
20116Despite the shield blocking it, Octophantom’s punch throws Red back and off his feet.
20117Red falls and rolls, holding the shield up again once he ceases.
20118As Red struggles onto his knees in foreground, Octophantom points, taunts, and finally spreads arms.
20119Red gets on his feet, only for Octophantom to extend orange energy rope beams outward, snagging the Ranger, pulling him toward him, and once up close enough, causes Red to spark burst.
20120Front view on Red Ranger as he sparks and then falls to one knee.
20123Angled shot in front of Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger kicks a Putty in the head, camera spins around to view the others, Blue spin kicks two Putties, dodges a Putty strike. Pan and zoom past Blue atop the cliffside, as Octophantom approaches the downed Red in the distance.
20125Zoom out as Octophantom holds his beady staff outward at the groggy, back-laying Red, who reaches out in futile, helpless protest.
20126Red lies on his back, chest smoking, sudden pan to the shield as he turns toward it.
20127Octophantom finally stops walking, having got close enough, and raises his beady staff above Red.
20128Close on Red turning and looking ahead.
20129Close on shield, being lifted off the ground.
20132Octophantom slashes beady staff down, as Red raises the shield.
20133Red raises shield over his upper body.
20134Zoom in on Red pushing the button.
20135The shield snaps open, revealing mirrored plates within, causing the beady staff to freeze in place just inches away.
20137Octophantom’s reflection in the mirrored shield causes him to grasp at his face in admiration.
20139Red sees it worked, nods, then tosses the shield aside as he gets up.
20140Rolling to our left, Red grips his Bladeblaster, then fires several bolts from it.
20143Zoom out as Red stands up, his four teammates finally joining him, Blue touching his back and talking to him for a moment, before Red faces front and poses.
20145Zoom out as all five Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
20153The five Rangers jump back at the sight of the giant menace, then all turn to our upper right, raise arms and make summoning gestures.
212The five Rangers flip over the camera under blue skies.
213Red Ranger does battle with a couple of Putties as the camera zooms out to reveal Black, then Blue, then Yellow, and then Pink doing the same.
214Pink cartwheels toward the camera as she continues to battle the Putties, pan left to reveal Yellow, then Blue, then Black, and then Red doing the same.
217Zoom out as Stag Beetle lands in the distance, turns and faces Black, as his four teammates regroup around him.
219Zoom out as the five Rangers, facing our left, hold out their Bladeblasters in saber mode, then dash forth.
2110Stag Beetle deflects Black, then Red, then Yellow, sparkily slashing her, blocking Blue & Yellow’s strikes, ducks under Blue’s kick, sparkily slashes Pink, then the same to Blue, ducks under Red’s kick, then blocks his hit and sparkily slashes back, finally blocks Black’s strike, flips him over, but he rolls back up to confront him.
2112Black falls and rolls to a crouch as his teammates regroup defensively behind him.
2114As his teammates remain defensively behind him, Black stands, motions arm, then zoom in as he jumps.
2122Zoom out as Black lands roughly, his four teammates rallying around him, defensively.
2124The five Rangers are thrown back by a combination of their chests and the ground spark bursting in succession.
2125The Rangers fall, then roll down the side of a small hill slope.
2126The Rangers finish rolling down the small hill slope, wearily recover, Red leading the charge to rise back to their feet, then leading them all to retreat to our left.
2128The five Rangers, with Bladeblasters in hand, flip over the camera under blue skies.
2131Red leaps up, flips over, and slashes Blade at the screen.
2132The five Rangers all slash down at the crouching Stag Beetle at once, in a circle.
2133POV straight upward angle of the circle of five Rangers connecting Blades and pressing down, only to suddenly jerk up and release.
2134The five Rangers are thrown away from the camera, falling and rolling, before getting up in weary crouches.
2136The five Rangers are standing together when a massive dust burst erupts behind them, followed by a second one right in front of them.
2137Repeat, closer, on the Rangers being surrounded by a pair of massive dust burst eruptions.
2138The five Rangers lie there on the ground, amid the fading smoke, unable to get up, trying and failing miserably.
2140Zoom out as Red gets back up, staggers back, clutching shoulder. Black rises, touches his arm and nod-talks determinedly, Yellow gets on Red’s other side, touching his bad shoulder while nod-talking, then turning forward and making a fist, prompting Red to turn to her and grab her shoulder.
2141Red touches Yellow’s shoulder, nod-talks to her, then turns completely around and runs off to our left. Blue & Black reach out for him in protest, Black pounding fist into palm, raising a fist then reluctantly rushes off after him, followed by Pink, Blue, and Yellow, who keep an eye behind them.
2142Red runs up a hill, turns, waves arm urging his team on, then continues on, followed by the other Rangers, running away from the battle.
2144The five Rangers run down a long trail, dust bursts exploding repeatedly, right behind them.
2145Repeat straight on as the Rangers rush to avoid the dust burstings nipping at their heels.
2146The Rangers reach the end of the road, stopping right at the edge of a steep cliff, turning to face their fates.
2148Facing away from the cliff, the Rangers pose defensively, prepared for their final stand.
2150Still facing the monster, dropping the poses, the Rangers are slowly pushed backwards, taking every remaining inch on the cliff edge, Black touching Red’s shoulder and talking.
2152As crackling bolts of green and yellow energy strike over them, Red crouches down, prompting his four teammates to quickly do the same, though confused.
2157Close on Red, standing straight up.
2158Repeat, close on Red, standing straight up.
2159Close on Red as he spreads arms, steps forward then points right hand directly forth, just to our slight left, then lowers it, before spreading arms and glancing quickly about and raising fist.
2162Facing our left, the Rangers slowly realize what has occurred, all looking at Red as he explains, including Blue, who steps ahead of him.
2163Pink claps hands together in front of chest before walking over to Red and placing hand on shoulder, then nodding. Blue raises fist as Red expands hand in front of him.
2164Upward angle of Red with his hand held in front of him. Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Black also extend hands toward center, with Red placing other hand on top then looking to the others as they nod.
2166Zoom out as the Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
2172The Rangers see the giant monster to our slight left, so they raise arms and look to our slight right, summoning.
225Red, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip over camera under blue sky at alternating angles.
226Opposite view, as the Red, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers flip over camera under blue sky at alternating angles.
227The Rangers land and turn around to face Invenusable Fly Trap.
228Side angle on the Rangers, who pose.
2210Close on Red Ranger, then zoom out to show the entire team posing and then rushing forward.
2211Invenusable Flytrap rushes forth, avoids Red & Green’s passing high kicks, blocks Black’s and sparkily strikes back, blocks Blue, kicks Yellow away, sparkily slashes Blue, avoids Pink’s kick, blocks Red’s, sparkily slashes Pink, blocks another Red kick, strikes Red, then blocks kicks from both Green and Yellow.
2219Zoom out as Yellow & Green crash to the ground, their teammates regrouping defensively in front of them.
2221Facing our right, Invenusable Flytrap steps forth, causing her exposed chest to glow and release a yellow wave of energy, pan right to show the wave creating a cage of green electricity that captures Red, Pink, Blue and Black Rangers, converting them to energy as Yellow & Green watch helplessly, before panning left back to the monster, retracting the wave and closing chest.
2227Zoom in then out, then in and out again on the inner edge of Invenusable Flytrap’s stomach dimension, then pan down to show the trapped Rangers. Red recovers first, revives Pink, then looks around curiously.
2230Within Invenusable Flytrap’s stomach dimension, close on Red as he stands up while camera zooms out to show the others, Black placing hand on Red’s shoulder and nod talking while Blue analyzes the walls. Blue puts both hands on his head and runs to Red, reacting to their situation, as Pink stands and looks up to her right.
2231Within Invenusable Flytrap’s stomach dimension, reverse angle with Pink motioning her hands toward her head, then lowering, then holding them together in front or her, all while nod-talking to Red. Red then turns to look around and walk toward the camera as Blue grabs his head again. Red looks slightly downward to our right and nod-talks, before turning to the others and placing a reassuring hand on each of Black’s and Blue’s shoulders, before turning to face the camera again, zoom in on Red as he makes a fist then lowers while nod-talking.
2234Within Invenusable Flytrap’s stomach dimension, with Red’s back to us, he turns around, then makes a triangle with his thumbs and index fingers, pushes forward, then disappears downward off-screen.
2235Within Invenusable Flytrap’s stomach dimension, all four Rangers sit with their legs crossed and thumbs and index fingers together making a triangle, each pushing arms forward.
2263Within Invenusable Flytrap’s stomach dimension, the four captured Rangers sit, meditating, holding hands forth in triangle formation. Zoom in on Red as he talks.
2264Pan across and down the ventricle and tissue walls of the stomach dimension, as Red finally drops his hand gesture and glances back to team, prompting all of them to do the same and all four stand up.
2265The four Rangers face each other in a circle, holding out their right fists to a center point, causing multicolored energies to swirl about. After a few moments, they release, their fists glowing with charged power, as each faces a wall, Red facing the camera, and all begin to beat charged fists into the tissues of the stomach dimension.
2275The four captured Rangers shift about, reacting within the dimension.
2277Close on Red as he pulls his arm back, and punches right fist into the screen.
2278Red punches right fist.
2279Red punching us, repeated in a new take for emphasis.
2280Invenusable Flytrap’s open chest cavity suddenly explodes with spark bursts, causing four balls of Ranger-colored energy to shoot out, pan right to follow as they transform into the four Rangers, dropping them safely away.
2281Yellow & Green reach out as they rush to our left to join their freed teammates, Green giving Pink extra attention, as Black & Red pose forth.
2283Zoom out as all six Rangers pull out their Power Weapons.
2285Zoom in on the six Rangers’ twelve legs as they leap up all at once.
2286Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, and Green flip over the camera with their Power Weapons in hand.
2291Zoom in as Green & Red leap up to our slight left and slash down their Dragon Dagger & Power Sword, respectively.
2292Struck by both Dagger & Sword, Invenusable Flytrap spark bursts and is knocked back.
2294Zoom out as Red leads the team in a defiant pose with their Power Weapons.
22100The Rangers stumble backwards, with the core five turning to the upper right, reaching out with their right arms, summoning.
2348The five Rangers are rushing through the quarry, glancing about, when Robogoat holds the Sword of Power into frame, catching their eyes.
2349Zoom out as the five Rangers pose battle ready.
2353The yellow electricity crashes down around the Rangers in three spots, causing massive fireball bursts all around the team.
2354Repeat, closer, on the Rangers becoming overwhelmed by massive fireball bursts all around them, the one in front knocking them off their feet.
2355Zoom out as the five Rangers lie on their backs amid the smoke, each slowly getting up to a crouch, Red the quickest to do so.
2356Zoom out as Robogoat holds sword forth and begins marching ahead, Red watching, ceasing his crouch to stand up.
2358As Robogoat holds the sword’s point into the ground, a burst of dirt and sparks erupts across the battlefield toward the Rangers, save for Red who dives out of the way.
2362Red rises up from a crouch, amid a smoke-filled quarry area, reaches out and steps toward our slight right, before turning to our left.
2363Zoom in past Red as he watches Robogoat, raising sword, stepping forward, and making gestures with arms, then laughing.
2364Close on Red Ranger as he talks to our slight left, shifting his body and arms about, amid steam-rising quarry.
2366Zoom out as Red pulls out his Power Sword, holds it steady, then rushes to our left.
2368Red charges forth, holding Power Sword with two hands, then one.
2369Passing by each other, Robogoat & Red sparkily slash each other, clashing swords twice, Red kicks him, then they clash swords some more.
2370Red thrusts and slashes his sword at the monster, but every single one is blocked by Robogoat’s Sword of Power, the lead soon changing to Robogoat doing the same with the same results.
2371Red continues to block every sword strike with his own sword, until Robogoat suddenly butts his head into his chest, causing a spark burst as he falls and rolls.
2373Red, in a crouch, clashes sword with sword again, this time holding his blade to Robogoat’s as he rises up and presses in close on the monster as the camera circles around dramatically.
2374Red finally gets the control of the lock, shifting Robogoat’s sword horizontally, so he can slice his blade along the Sword of Power, causing it to smoke in a brief slow-motion sequence, before upper slashing, causing sword to fly out of his hands.
2378Camera slowly pushes in on Red as he lowers his sword, steps forth, points ahead, nod-talks, motions hand to chest, then makes a fist, before slashing sword then posing with it.
2380Robogoat strikes baton at Red, who blocks it with his sword, twice, before Red does a jump kick into the monster.
2381Repeat, new angle, on Red doing a jump kick into Robogoat, knocking him back.
2382Once more, Red doing a jump kick into Robogoat, knocking him back.
2384Close on Red raising and readying sword, before slashing it at us.
2385Red sparkily slashes into Robogoat twice, causing the monster to spin around.
2387Red reaches out and rushes to our left, nod-talking to his team as he regroups with them, then faces front, posing with sword while they too pose.
2390The five Rangers step back in reaction to the monster, then turn to our upper right, raise arms and summon.
241Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink Rangers flip over the camera, every other one coming from the side, under cloudy sky.
246Zoom out as Red leads the team in a fancy group pose.
248Facing our left, the five Rangers appear incredulous, Black stepping forth and dismissing the monster as Blue shakes his head.
249Zoom out as Guitardo gets down in his guitar shredding, the Rangers looking at one another in disbelief.
2411The Rangers, facing our left, remain unimpressed, Black gesturing his hands while talking, and Blue cleaning his ears.
2417With Black hovering above helplessly, the Rangers react, with all but Pink rushing into battle.
2419Waves of green energy notes strike Yellow, Red, and Blue Rangers, causing them to freeze in their tracks as they flash with blue lights, before slowly appearing to be lifting up.
2421Close on Red’s boots as they begin to slowly lift off the ground.
2423Yellow, Red, and Blue rise directly up and join Black in floating helplessly above the threes, kicking their legs and waving their arms about as they kind of drift up and down a little.
2437Yellow, Black, Red, and Blue continue to float helplessly above the threes, kicking their legs and waving their arms about as they kind of drift up and down a little.
253As debris falls into the smoke-filled alleyway, Red leads the team of six Rangers into the fray zoom out as they rush up and look upward at the cause of the destruction.
256Downward angle on six Rangers, as they step forth, watching upward, Red nod-talking and raising a fist, until Black touches his shoulder, nod-talks, and makes his own fist gesture.
259Chunks of debris fall, causing the Rangers to retreat a few steps, before all but Green raise arms to the sky and summon.
2531Red falls from the sunny sky, upside down, kicking his feet and grabbing at the air.
2532Zoom out as all five Rangers hit the pavement in the alley at once, Green rushing in to join them, as they get up in crouches, looking upward.
2534The Rangers, continuing to look upward, rise up and step forth, before lowering gazes defeatedly.


Learn more by reading the essay covering Zyu2.

All footage ©1993-2019 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).