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Episode #Clip #Clip Description
132Zoom out sharply as the five Rangers land and turn to face Rhinoblaster, who stands in side foreground.
139Close on Rhinoblaster, as he gestures right arm up, then to sides, before covering face with both hands. Zoom out as he spreads arms, causing five Putty Patrollers in white American football uniforms to teleport in on both of his sides.
1311Zoom out as Rhinoblaster raises right arm, causing the Football Putties to cease their stance, slap the ground with their hand, then rush forth as a team.
1322Rhinoblaster steps in front of his line of Football Putties, raises arm, snaps fingers, sharp zoom in as he motions hands to face then outward.
1323Close side angle on Rhinoblaster as he releases a mist spray from his mouth to our right.
1332Rhinoblaster steps back, as shot zooms out, Green lands across from him.
1334Zoom in past Green as Rhinoblaster raises arms and then gestures right arm.
1336Rhinoblaster ducks under Green’s kick, then blocks his arm when he tries to punch and hits back, then kicks at him, but the Ranger blocks. Green punches, but misses the monster, tries again, but Rhinoblaster grabs and holds his arm with both hands.
1337Close on Rhinoblaster’s feet as Green’s boots come together and jump in front of them.
1338Green leaps up and kicks both legs into Rhinoblaster at the same time.
1339Rhinoblaster falls, rolls, gets up, gestures arm in a rage.
1340Rhinoblaster grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke.
1341Giant Rhinoblaster looms over normal sized Green Ranger, who runs from side to side, trying to avoid the monster’s hand swiping at him.
1343Slow zoom out as Dragonzord walks into the city, faces Rhinoblaster, raises arms and roars.
1344Zoom in on Rhinoblaster, raising arms, then lowering them with some gusto.
1347Sparkily slashed by the tail, Rhinoblaster is unfazed, then lunges forth, locking hand in hand with Dragonzord, before breaking free, then sparkily butting him in the chest with his horn. Dragon tries to hit as he passes, but the monster dodges, then kicks back, it’s blocked, punches, but misses. Dragon whips tail around, Rhino ducks, then rushes up and sparkily butts into him again.
1349Real close on Rhinoblaster as he raises his right fist and punches us.
1350Rhinoblaster sparkily punches Dragonzord in the chest, causing him to stagger back.
1351Real close on Rhinoblaster as he raises his left fist and punches us.
1352Rhinoblaster sparkily punches Dragonzord in the chest again, causing him to stagger back.
1356Zoom out as Rhinoblaster pulls out a sword, thrusts it at Dragonzord’s passing tail, then slices it sparkily against him.
1359Zoom out from Rhinoblaster, as he lowers his sword, raises arms up, then motions sword to mouth, before firing reddish beam from it.
1363Rhinoblaster taps sword against left hand twice, then raises left arm up, gestures to face, sharp zoom in as he releases mist from his crowded maw.
1366The green glow of the Dragon Dagger is visible as it travels up within the mist spray of Rhinoblaster, causing the monster to jolt as it enters his mouth.
1370Close pan up of Rhinoblaster as he runs forth, raising sword and slashing it.
1371Zoom out as Rhinoblaster sparkily slashes Dragonzord with sword, then tries it again, but this time, Dragon grabs his arm, holding it at bay. Rhino leads him around, then they break off, allowing the monster to sparkily slash as he passes Dragonzord, then ducking under his tail, before thrusting at him, but the Zord dodges. Rhinoblaster turns, raises sword and slashes at him once more.
1372Close on Rhinoblaster sparkily slicing into Dragonzord, causing him to stagger back.
1374Rhinoblaster lowers sword, then motions both hands to horn, stepping forth and firing an orange energy beam from it.
1376As Rhinoblaster is barely visible in distance, Dragonzord writhes on its stomach beneath an already-in-progress explosion of sparks, which wafts into a huge cloud of smoke.
1379Upward on the looming, giant Rhinoblaster, as he motions arms with a menacingly leaning in and out, before raising right leg up and stomping foot onto the screen.
1382Close on Rhinoblaster, holding sword forth, then raising left fist and spreading down both arms near sides, before holding sword forth and rushing to our right.
1385Rhinoblaster gets sparkily punched in the face by both of Megazord’s fists, knocking him back.
1386Zoom out as Rhinoblaster rolls to a crouch, holding out sword, as Megazord’s legs land in foreground, facing him.
1392Rhinoblaster steps forth, zoom in as he holds sword forth.
1395Rhinoblaster lowers sword nervously, and jumps back, raising sword again following a zoom in.
1396Bright explosion bursts against Rhinoblaster, when it fades, he remains stunned amid sparks. Upon falling on the ground, he then erupts into a quick but bright explosion, with a spark-burst chaser, rhinoblasting him for good.


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