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Zyu2 Clips Tagged

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
181Close on Saliguana as he spreads his arms up and out fiercely, then charges forth.
183Saliguana gets kicked back by both of Black’s feet at once.
184After falling and rolling, Saliguana gets back up quickly only to have Black land, ready to fight. The monster throws a kick, it’s dodged, Saliguana gets kicked, it’s blocked. Black then punches him in the gut.
185Reverse angle, as Black roundhouses Saliguana away.
186Saliguana falls, rolls, then gets back up, and stands wearily, reaching out right arm.
188Saliguana throws down right arm, points left hand forth, then gestures both hands to his face quickly.
189Close-up right side angle on Saliguana’s face as he opens his mouth and spews flames.
1813Zoom out as Saliguana faces Black and his new weapon by motioning hands to his face.
1814Close-up right side angle on Saliguana’s face as he opens his mouth and spews flames.
1816Saliguana poses fiercely, then zoom in as he rushes forth.
1819Zoom out as Blue punches into Saliguana, but the monster brushes it off. Blue kicks over him, he rolls under, then blocks two more kicks before the monster sparkily slashes the Ranger, back-kicks him, sparkily slashes him again, prompting Blue to lunge back.
1820Zoom out as Blue’s next punch into Saliguana gets blocked, allowing the monster to smack his arm away before sparkily slashing him down into a ground roll.
1821Saliguana spreads his arms out, marches over to the crouching Blue, grabs him, zoom in sharply on Black in the distance.
1825Close on Saliguana getting kicked away by both of Black’s feet.
1826Saliguana rolls away, but gets up and staggers in place.
1830Real close on Saliguana as he raises his arms, shakes his head up and down, then lunges into the lens.
1832Close-up left side angle on Saliguana’s face as he opens his mouth and spews flames.
1835Close-up left side angle on Saliguana’s face as he spews flames, then ceases and closes mouth.
1836Saliguana staggers back, clutching mouth, exhaling smoke as he jerks about.
1839Saliguana raises arms, spreads them, then reaches out as he rushes forth.
1841Saliguana runs at us in dramatic slow-motion, gets struck by the combined beam, crackles with red electricity and begins to fall over forward.
1842[Fades in.] Saliguana rises gigantically amid fading smoke, spreading arms out and up.
1844Close on Saliguana, raising and spreading arms out as shot begins to zoom out.
1845Saliguana wipes each of his feet against the ground like a bull, pan up as he raises his arms, then rushes forth.
1846Saliguana motions arms, then gestures to face as shot zooms in.
1847Close-up right side angle on Saliguana’s face as he opens his mouth and spews flames.
1848Close on Saliguana as he grabs his snout like he’s had it extinguished again, then punches arm in frustration, then motions arms, and gestures to face briefly.
1849Close-up left side angle on Saliguana’s face as his already opened mouth unfurls his lengthy tongue.
1851Saliguana jerks his body about as his long red tongue remains extended, reining in and controlling what’s on the end.
1852Saliguana shakes head about, manipulating his extended tongue, sharp zoom in as he smacks his hand against his tongue.
1853Saliguana gives his head one really good head yank, tugging hard on his extended tongue.
1856Close-up left side angle on Saliguana’s face as his lengthy tongue retracts into his opened mouth.
1857Saliguana is thrown back, falls, rolls, gets up and clutches his mouth with both hands in agony.
1858Saliguana cowers back, nervously backing away, but as shot zooms in, he raises his arms up in a futile gesture.
1859A diagonal purple energy slash cuts across Saliguana, zoom out as he erupts with energy rings and sparkles, leading to him writhing amid red electricity, finally collapsing and exploding into a light flash and fireball burst.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).