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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Slippery Shark”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
111Slippery Shark’s fin sticks out of the ground, spewing mist as it cuts through the grass downward.
112Side view, panning right, as Slippery Shark’s fin sticks out of the ground, racing through the forest.
113Slippery Shark leaps up to our left in the middle of some shrubs.
114Repeat, closer, on Slippery Shark leaping up to our left in the middle of some shrubs.
115Slippery Shark then stands up behind the shrubs and races to our left out of there.
116Red Ranger rushes up to a field, looks around, then turns around and continues looking, spotting the Shark’s fin passing quickly under the camera.
118Slippery Shark leaps left across back of shrubs.
119Slippery Shark leaps right through middle of shrubs.
1110Slippery Shark leaps left in front of shrubs.
1111Red gets sparkily slashed as Slippery Shark leaps past him.
1113Close on the Shark’s fin passing by just in front of the camera to our right.
1114Red holds out his Bladeblaster and fires several pinkish energy bolts to our left, camera pans that way, showing Shark’s fin as the bolts burst to sparks all around.
1115Close repeat on Shark’s fin driving to our right as spark bursts and smoke erupt around it, never stopping it.
1116Red stands up and backs up as the fin pulls to a stop in front of him.
1117Red flips over onto his back as Shark’s fin passes to our right.
1118Slippery Shark bursts up from under the lawn.
1119[Teleport warp effects added.] Zoom out as Slippery Shark lands in the field, then leaps up, teleports across to the far left, then does the same again, appearing to the farther right, then doing the same, and appearing to the farthest left, then again, to the farthest center, before vanishing from sight.
1122Slippery Shark’s fin sticks out of the ground, spewing mist as it cuts through the grass downward again.
1124Shark’s fin drives to the right through the lawn.
1125Green falls and rolls as the Shark’s fin crosses his path.
1126Green gets up just as the Shark’s fin comes back the other way, he hesistates but again gets knocked off his feet when it crosses his path once more.
1127Green gets back up, looks around alertly, faces away, then turns around defensively when Shark’s fin drives just past him.
1128Suddenly, Slippery Shark pops up behind Green, who turns just in time to get sparkily slashed by the monster, who then does the same as he rushes past, sending the Ranger falling and rolling away.
1129Slippery Shark hops back into the ground, leaving no trace behind that he just submerged, feet first.
1130Shark’s fin drives to the right, past Green again, causing him to flip over once more.
1140[Teleport effect added.] Slippery Shark appears in the distance between the trees, he then leaps and teleports closer, then again very close, before teleporting away, just as Red appears, racing between the trees toward us after him.
1145Slippery Shark bursts up from under the leaf-strewn ground.
1146Slippery Shark leaps up between Red & Green, spark bursting their chests.
1147Repeat, side angle, on Slippery Shark leaping up between Red & Green, spark bursting their chests.
1149Shark’s fin approaches from the distance.
1151Continued, Shark’s fin continues approaching from the distance.
1153Shark’s fin sticks out of the ground, spewing mist as it cuts through the grass downward, third version.
1154Slippery Shark leaps to our right in side angle.
1157Slippery Shark leaps up into the air with arms out as shot zooms in.
1159Slippery Shark gets ensnared in the net, struggles, and falls.
1160Zoom out as Slippery Shark hits the ground, and Green lands, posing at him.
1161Slippery Shark stands up and continues to struggle within the confines of the green net.
1163Close on Slippery Shark’s netted face, as he talks and struggles futilely.
1165Slippery Shark struggles and kicks at the net, as Red & Green face him in foreground.
1166Pulling out his fin blade, Slippery Shark sparkily slashes at the net.
1167Pan up from the smoking, chopped net, to close on Slippery Shark as he slashes his fin weapon in an X shape, then poses.
1168As Slippery Shark stands in foreground, Green & Red are taken aback by his escape.
1169Slippery Shark readies fin blade, then jumps up.
1170Slippery Shark leaps up and slashes fin blade downward in zoom in.
1171Slippery Shark lands between Green & Red, who dodge his attack. Green kicks, he blocks, then blocks Red’s kick, before blocking Green’s punch. Red tries to hit him, Shark sparkily slashes him down, then Green has his kick blocked again, before Shark connects his fin blade with Green’s shoulder, he grips it, they switch places, then the monster sparkily slashes it down.
1172[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe] Green falls and rolls, getting up in a crouch, clutching chest, as Red comes over and crouches with him, posing defensively.
1173[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe] Close on Slippery Shark, readying fin blade for more carnage, then looking upward.
1176Slippery Shark blocks Black’s strike, then Blue’s, then both Pink & Yellow’s at once, turns, sparkily slashes Black, ducks under Blue’s kick and sparkily slashes him, blocks Yellow’s Blade, blocks Pink’s kick, Yellow’s Blade again, then sparkily slashes both Pink, then Yellow down, and poses fiercely.
1178Slippery Shark turns and gets both Red & Green’s fists socked in his jaw.
1179Slippery Shark falls, rolls, stands up, then crouches down.
1181Shark’s fin races to our right.
1183Shark’s fin races to our right, knocking over all six of the Rangers as it passes under them.
1184Shark’s fine races toward the camera.
1186Shark’s fin races toward the camera, cutting through the grass, spewing smoke, shot zooming out as it gets closer.
1188Ground level angle as Shark’s fin approaches, a pair of spark bursts erupt behind it, before a third strikes the target explosively.
1189Slippery Shark falls out of the smoke-spewing hole, staggering up and clutching chest.
1191Slippery Shark steps back, quivvering, and smoking.
1192[Power Blaster beam added.] Slippery Shark grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke.
1194Megazord and Dragonzord each step into frame from opposite sides, and face Slipper Shark, who gets in a defensive stance.
1196Slippery Shark whips his fin blade around, then thrusts it forth and rushes ahead during zoom in.
1197Slippery Shark races around Megazord, passing between it and Dragonzord, then returns to his original spot, before sparkily slashing Megazord. He ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, runs around, does it again, then sparkily slashes Mega again, taunts the pair, then ducks under Dragon’s hand, runs behind him, sparkily slashes him, then ducks under Megazord’s punch, runs off, taunts, then rushes over, kicks it, then runs off again.
11100Megazord approaches, but Slippery Shark ducks under its sword swipe, dances about, taunting, until Mega turns, and the monster sparkily slashes it. More dancing and taunting, then Shark dodges Megazord’s sword thrust, more dancing & taunting, before it rushes past Mega, sparkily slashing again.
11101Slippery Shark slashes fin blade at Megazord, who blocks it with its horizontally held sword, before shifting around and holding the fin blade downward. The Shark struggles, wanting to slip away but can’t, pan down to his feet kicking up dust as they rapidly dance in place.
11103Slippery Shark gets sparkily struck by Dragonzord’s tail, causing him to stagger away from Megazord, which releases his fin blade.
11104Slippery Shark falls and rolls, then gets up and stands unsteadily.
11106Power Sword & Fin Blade clash twice, before Slippery Shark & Megazord lock weapons against each other’s left shoulders, shifting positions, then both release, sparkily slashing one another. They stagger back, the Shark the first to strike back, but his blow is blocked. He then raises his sword to block as Megazord raises its sword to slash.
11110Slippery Shark is holding his fin blade across his face, when the sword sparkily slices it in half, shocking the monster.
11111Pan up from the ground as the fin blade falls into two smoking pieces, leaving Slippery Shark clutching chest and wobbiling about.
11112Close on Slippery Shark, reaching out, stepping back, and looking worried.
11113Close on Slippery Shark as he gets slashed by sideways energy beam, zoom out as he spins around, explodes with sparks and ring pulsing, red electricity erupting as he finally falls. Upon hitting the ground, he flares with a blue light, that releases a massive explosion.


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All footage ©1993-2018 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).