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123Soccadillo points, touches chest, flexes both hands into fists, raises arm, points again, then motions fingers.
124Close on Soccadillo’s feet, as he slides his soles back like a bull, twice for the right, once for the left.
126Pan up as Soccadillo rushes at the screen, crossing arms over chest then out again.
128Zoom in and track right as the Rangers charge at Soccadillo, who blocks each of their passing attacks, finally reaching Black, ducking under his kick then sparkily slashing him down. Blue & Pink slash their Blades at the monster at once, but grabs both weapons and leads the pair back quite a few feet, before releasing and sparkily slashing them off. He turns, ducks under Red’s kick, blocks Yellow’s strike, sparkily slashes Yellow, blocks both of Red’s hits, eventually getting him into position.
129Close on Soccadillo sparkily slashing Red down.
1211Close on Soccadillo stepping forth, crossing arms over chest, and firing blue energy spikes from the spike patches on his forearms.
1214Soccadillo raises hands high over head and claps them together repeatedly, then lowers them way down, before thrusting arms up and down, happily.
1224Zoom in slightly as Soccadillo reacts to the team, stepping back and motioning arms.
1227[White energy added.] Soccadillo crouches down, and following a twirling of white energy, transforms into Ball Mode, shielding him as the trangle blast slams into his armored hide, causing spark bursts and blasts, but failing to harm him.
1229Ball Mode Soccadillo begins to roll forth on his own, as shot zooms in.
1230The Rangers step back, but keep Blades held up, as Ball Mode Soccadillo approaches them.
1231Ball Mode Soccadillo races through Black & Red, knocking them over.
1232Ball Mode Soccadillo slams through Yellow, flipping her over, causing her to writhe about in agony.
1233Ball Mode Soccadillo turns sharply and plows through Pink and Blue, knocking them off their feet.
1234[White energy added.] Ball Mode rolls to a stop, and in another swirl of the white energy whips, reverts to Soccadillo, who claps and poses triumphantly.
1236Soccadillo hops and claps, zoom out as a gang of Putties scramble in from the sides and scatter around him.
1243[White energy added.] Soccadillo points, then stands upright, spreading arms into the air, the white energy whisps twirl about and as he crouches, zoom in as he transforms into his Ball Mode once more.
1244A pair of Putties thrust opposite fists up and forth, then put arms around each others’ shoulders and race forth, pan down as they run up to Soccadillo and kick him.
1245Soccadillo in Ball Mode is flung through the air.
1246Ball Mode Soccadillo falls through the five Rangers, spark smashing most of them.
1247Ball Mode Soccadillo bounces off of a cliff or boulder or something.
1248[Fades in from white.] Green Ranger leaps up and kicks legs at approaching Ball Mode Soccadillo in midair.
1249Close, zoom out as Green’s boot kicks away Ball Mode Soccadillo.
1250[White energy added.] Soccadillo bounces in Ball Mode across the quarry, white energy whisps swirl about and he reverts to regular form abruptly, getting up and jerking arms about.
1253Soccadillo, back in Ball Mode, flies through the air.
1254Soccadillo Ball Mode, flies through the sky as shot zooms in on it.
1256Close on Green & Red’s fists punching into Soccadillo’s Ball Mode, causing a superimposed explosion to erupt.
1257Knocked back to normal, Soccadillo flings back through the air.
1258Zoom out as Soccadillo crashes into quarry wall, rolls down, gets up, and flaps his arms around his face annoyedly.
1260Close on Soccadillo as arrow and daggers strike him, spark bursting seperately for each, zoom out as he falls back.
1262Close on Soccadillo as Lance & Axe slash into him, causing a double spark bursting.
1264[Partially recycled, but unaltered.] Soccadillo gets sparkily slashed by dagger & sword, zoom out as he spins back, falls, and rolls. He gets up, staggers, falls down again, then gets up up off his butt, and jumps up & down, frustratedly.
1266Soccadillo grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke.
1271Soccadillo leans back, raises arms, then rushes forth, scratching at the air, as shot zooms in.
1273Dragonzord goes to whip back tail, and Soccadillo slams his armored back into him. Megazord tries to punch but the monster dodges, then ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, before sparkily bashing back into Mega, before readying hands at the approaching Dragon.
1274Close on Soccadillo as he scratches at the air then leaps up to slash at the screen.
1275Close on Soccadillo sparkily slashing Dragonzord, then rolling under his tail, getting up and taunting.
1277Dragonzord’s tail sparkily smashes Soccadillo in the face, knocking him away.
1278Soccadillo falls, rolls, gets up, clutches chest with left arm while waving right arm in the air.
1280[White energy added.] Soccadillo crouches down, a twirl of white energy whips wrap around him, turning him into his Ball Mode as shot zooms in, and spark bursts erupt harmlessly upon him.
1282Soccadillo in Ball Mode slowly begins to float up off the ground and fly forth.
1283Soccadillo Ball Mode flies across the landscape in side angle.
1284Soccadillo in Ball Mode swoops between Dragonzord & Megazord, spark bursting both as it passes to our right.
1285Soccadillo in Ball Mode swoops between Dragonzord & Megazord, spark bursting both as it passes to our left.
1286[White energy added.] Soccadillo in Ball Mode rolls to a stop, white energy whisps twirl about, he reverts to normal form, stands, turns, dusts off legs, then waves arms about.
1288Soccadillo gestures hands to face, then releases, firing bluish energy beams from his eyes.
1289Reverse angle as Soccadillo stands in foreground, while Dragonzord & Megazord are bombarded by spark bursts.
1291Soccadillo looks stunned, then steps back, making nervous hand motions, all around appearing worried.
1292Soccadillo gets a fireball burst superimposed over him, which flares out, leaving him stunned amid sparks. Upon falling on the ground, he then erupts into a quick but bright explosion, with a spark-burst chaser, socking it to him.


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