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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Stag Beetle”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
216Stag Beetle leaps up, arms raised, and dives over the camera beneath the clear, sunny sky, pan up to follow his path.
217Zoom out as Stag Beetle lands in the distance, turns and faces Black, as his four teammates regroup around him.
218Close, upward crooked angle on Stag Beetle as he claps his arms together several times, then raising them up.
2110Stag Beetle deflects Black, then Red, then Yellow, sparkily slashing her, blocking Blue & Yellow’s strikes, ducks under Blue’s kick, sparkily slashes Pink, then the same to Blue, ducks under Red’s kick, then blocks his hit and sparkily slashes back, finally blocks Black’s strike, flips him over, but he rolls back up to confront him.
2111Close on Black getting sparkily slashed in the chest by Stag Beetle.
2113Close on Stag Beetle as he motions his arms excitedly from side to side, does a front kick, then turns his rear slightly toward the Rangers and smacks it twice.
2116Black dives over the camera, passing by Stag Beetle who sparkily slashes him on the way by.
2117As seen between Stag’s legs, Black falls in the distance, then gets up in a defensive crouch.
2118Stag Beetle clamps arms repeatedly, then raises them and rushes forth.
2119Stag Beetle dashes past Black, who ducks and rolls under his arm, turns, kicks high, misses, gets closer, kicks again, it’s blocked, strikes Blade, Stag Beetle blocks it and grabs his hands, flipping him over. Black gets up, only to have the monster grab him and toss him.
2120Upward shot of Black being thrown through the air by Stag Beetle.
2121Side angle repeat of Black getting thrown through the air by Stag Beetle.
2123Stag Beetle jerks his arms about, then zoom in as he steps forth, leans down and fires green electricity from his horns.
2132The five Rangers all slash down at the crouching Stag Beetle at once, in a circle.
2135Stag Beetle holds his claws together, but spaced apart, to his right, causing a crackling ball of yellow energy, which powers up, zoom in as he tosses it forth right through us.
2139[Source damaged] Zoom out from Stag Beetle as it stomps twice and seven Putties rush in from both sides. All begin walking menacingly toward the camera.
2143Stag Beetle motions arms, undeterred, before he and the Putties rush toward camera left.
2147Stag Beetle and the Putties reach the top of the hill. Stag Beetle motions arms while Putties move about menacingly.
2149Motioning arms, Stag Beetle and the Putties slowly move toward the camera.
2151With Putties at his side, Stag Beetle motions left arm, raises both arms above head, then in front shooting yellow and green energy from arms and horns.
2154Stag Beetle and a gang of Putty Patrollers crackle with bluish electricity before exploding massively.
2155Close on Stag Beetle and Putty Patrollers as fire balls erupt behind and then in front of them.
2156Stag Beetle, having survived but still surrounded by a raging fire, hops on one foot and spins around, reacting to the hot ground.
2165Stag Beetle continues to stagger left and right, briefly falling down and having trouble getting back up, before continuing staggering.
2168Stag Beetle staggers back slightly, trembling.
2170Stag Beetle is struck with the combined beam, causing him to flare with yellow light, zoom out as he crackles with orange electricity, falls over, and explodes brightly.
2171Stag Beetle rises gigantically amid fading smoke, holding arms up and forth, menacingly.
2174Megazord steps forward and poses battle ready as the camera zooms out to reveal Stag Beetle to our close left, who also poses ready for battle.
2175Stag Beetle clamps arms together a few times, then slowly marches forth as shot zooms in.
2177Megazord and Stag Beetle lock up, both strike fists together before separating and Stag Beetle striking with a horn butt, then slashes arm at Megazord’s chest, which sparkbursts, causing Megazord to stumble to our right as shot zooms in.
2178Close on Stag Beetle, holding claws in front, then pulling arms back and clamping them forth.
2179Megazord, caught in Stag Beetle’s claws, is electrified as it rotates to our left before being released and then struck with a double claw uppercut causing it to spark burst as it begins to turn to us and fall toward the ground.
2180As Megazord turns towards us, sparks finish falling and the smoke starts to clear, as Stag Beetle remains poised.
2181Stag Beetle clamp-claps his claws, then raises arms up, slowly walking forth, clamp-clapping again.
2183Stag Beetle approaches and looms over the camera, before kicking right foot into the screen.
2184Stag Beetle kicks the downed Megazord, causing a very bright bursting of sparks and smoke.
2185Stag Beetle, continuing to loom over the camera, leans way back and clamps arms together.
2187Stag Beetle is struck with a blast of the Megazord’s Cranial Laser, causing it to stagger and fall backwards.
2188Stag Beetle falls and rolls along the dusty ground as Megazord steps into view.
2191Megazord slashes twice at Stag Beetle unsuccessfully, before locking its Power Sword with Stag Beetle’s claws. They spin to our right before Megazord lowers sword and uses momentum to begin to flip Stag Beetle.
2192Using the Power Sword, Megazord flips Stag Beetle over onto the ground.
2193Stag Beetle finishes a flip onto the ground, zoom out to reveal Megazord which poses with Power Sword as Stag Beetle attempts to get to its feet.
2195Megazord’s Power Sword slashes into Stag Beetle, sparkily cutting off both of his horns.
2196Stag Beetle’s horns drop to the ground as the camera pans up and Stag Beetle staggers back, severed horns smoking, as he raises his arms to them in pain.
2198As a purple horizontal slash cuts through also, sparks and rings expand out against Stag Beetle, zoom out as red electricity crackles about, and he falls onto his back, flaring out into a bright light and fiery explosion.


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