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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Sword Of Darkness”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
1442Green Mutant charges from Crayfish with Sword of Darkness held forth.
1443Green Mutant clashes Sword of Darkness against Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger twice, they lock together, then break off, the Ranger doing a reverse roundhouse, blocked by the sword, then they clash weapons again, but this time, the Mutant sparkily slashes the Ranger. Green Mutant kicks, Green Ranger dodges, the Mutant kicks, he dodges again then backhands him, next dodges the Mutant’s sword thrust, smacks the sword upward with the dagger, then sparkily slashes the Mutant away with the dagger.
1444Green Mutant falls and rolls, getting up as Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers regroup in front of him, weapons in hand.
1446Zoom out as Commander Crayfish motions claw, then he and all the Mutant Rangers pose with their weapons.
1450Zoom out as Commander Crayfish steps in front of Mutant Rangers, raising his claws and shaking them victoriously.
1456Green Ranger gets sparkily slashed by Green Mutant’s Sword of Darkness, but blocks his second slash with his Dragon Dagger, then breaks off their blade lock, kicks the Mutant, then sparkily slashes him as he passes by, both turning to face one another.
1468Zoom out as the Pink Mutant gets up, and joins her teammates as Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers regroup around her.
1470Commander Crayfish crosses claws, then poses with sword, the Mutant Rangers also posing with their Mutant weapons.
1479Commander Crayfish and the three male Mutant Rangers fall to the ground amid the smoke, the monster the only one to fully rise back up.
1485Zoom out as Commander Crayfish and the three Mutant Rangers spread out and pose with weapons, the monster makes a gesture and they all charge forth.
1486Zoom out as Commander Crayfish & Megazord lock arm in arm, while Dragonzord blocks Black Mutant’s passing axe swipe, whips tail back to block Green Mutant’s Sword of Darkness jab, then blocks Blue Mutant’s split-lance side slicing by spreading arms, spinning and tail-smacking him away, dodging Black’s next pass, then posing.
1489As Black Mutant backs up, Green Mutant slashes Dragonzord sparkily, then tries to repeat the strike, but gets his sword arm grabbed, allowing the Zord to fling him away.
1490Green Mutant falls and rolls, as Black & Blue regroup, pose side by side, then jump up.


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