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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Sword Of Power”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
231POV shot of a pan left of the foggy quarry, then zoom in on the Sword of Power, stuck in the ground on a small, smoky hill.
234Sharp zoom in across the quarry to the Sword of Power, stuck in the ground on a small, smoky hill.
235Sharp zoom in across the quarry to the Sword of Power, stuck in the ground on a small, smoky hill.
236Sharp zoom in across the quarry and then lock on the Sword of Power, stuck in the ground on a small, smoky hill.
238Green races across the quarry field toward the Sword of Power, when an explosion bursts out just behind him.
2310Repeat of the previous two explosions from the distant angle, ending with Green diving to our left.
2323Sharp zoom out from Sword of Power as Green & Robogoat pass each other, then turn to face, striking Dagger to Baton twice, before Green kicks, it’s blocked, and dodges two of the monster’s baton thrusts.
2331Zoom out as Green lands on the mound beside the sword, as Robogoat looks on.
2332Green switches Dragon Dagger to left hand, grabs Sword of Power, pulls it out and holds it up, battle ready.
2333As Green holds the sword in his hand, Robogoat steps forth, motioning arms.
2334Green grips Sword of Power with both hands and nods, then turns to face Sword.
2339Zoom out as Robogoat pulls the Sword of Power out of the ground, holds it up triumphantly, motions with right hand, then poses ready to attack.
2341Robogoat readies sword and jumps up.
2342Robogoat leaps up and slashes sword down.
2343Sword blade cuts through the cloudy sky.
2344Robogoat looms over the camera as he slashes sword down.
2345Green gets sparkily slashed back by the sword.
2348The five Rangers are rushing through the quarry, glancing about, when Robogoat holds the Sword of Power into frame, catching their eyes.
2350Robogoat steps forth, zoom in as he motions sword about, then raises it high into the air.
2351Sword of Power is held up to the sky.
2352Pan up the Sword of Power as its blade begins to surge with yellow energy, zoom out as it begins discharging electricity past Robogoat, to our right.
2356Zoom out as Robogoat holds sword forth and begins marching ahead, Red watching, ceasing his crouch to stand up.
2357Robogoat drives Sword of Power downward into the ground.
2358As Robogoat holds the sword’s point into the ground, a burst of dirt and sparks erupts across the battlefield toward the Rangers, save for Red who dives out of the way.
2363Zoom in past Red as he watches Robogoat, raising sword, stepping forward, and making gestures with arms, then laughing.
2365Zoom in on Robogoat as gestures hand, whips sword around, then rushes forth with it.
2367Pan up Robogoat as he charges forth with sword held outward.
2369Passing by each other, Robogoat & Red sparkily slash each other, clashing swords twice, Red kicks him, then they clash swords some more.
2370Red thrusts and slashes his sword at the monster, but every single one is blocked by Robogoat’s Sword of Power, the lead soon changing to Robogoat doing the same with the same results.
2371Red continues to block every sword strike with his own sword, until Robogoat suddenly butts his head into his chest, causing a spark burst as he falls and rolls.
2372Robogoat raises sword and slashes it down at the screen.
2373Red, in a crouch, clashes sword with sword again, this time holding his blade to Robogoat’s as he rises up and presses in close on the monster as the camera circles around dramatically.
2374Red finally gets the control of the lock, shifting Robogoat’s sword horizontally, so he can slice his blade along the Sword of Power, causing it to smoke in a brief slow-motion sequence, before upper slashing, causing sword to fly out of his hands.
2375Sword of Power, its blade smoking, flies up into the air, flipping about.
2376The Sword of Power impales into the ground in front of Robogoat.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).