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251Giant Turbanshell steps into the city, zoom out as he motions his arms and faces the expanse of buildings before him, stepping forth.
252Close on the long highway overpass bridge, as Turbanshell stomps on it, causing a flare of sparks and smoke, pan up to the monster as he spreads arms out and steps over the now destroyed bridge.
254Leaving the bridge a smoking wreck, Turbanshell steps over the rubble, and turns to a nearby building, slashing it with his left hand, causing it to explode.
255Continued, closer angle, as building spark bursts brightly, Turbanshell continuing forth, his shell striking the building, causing it to burst some more.
257Turbanshell motions hands to face, then begins to fire yellow bolts of energy at all the buildings around him, causing a bright series of explosions flooding the area.
258Close-up of Turbanshell as he turns from side to side, sparks and smoke flying into the frame from the destruction around him.
2512Standing beside broken cardboard building, Turbanshell begins spark bursting in rapid succession.
2513Staggering back, building ruins smoking in front of him, Turbanshell steadies and spreads arms at sides.
2514Close on Dragonzord, having just fired missiles, pan left to show Megazord posing battle ready, then zoom out to show Turbanshell to our close left.
2515Zoom in on Turbanshell, standing between two smoking, ruined cardboard buildings, spreading his arms out then rushing forth, one wide step at a time.
2517Amid the smoky city, Megazord punches at Turbanshell, who sidesteps and then ducks a Dragonzord tail whip, then blocks another Megazord punch and sparkily slaps it in the chest. Turbanshell and Dragonzord grab each other in an arm lock, but the monster breaks free and sparkily slashes the Zord away. Pan over to Megazord, who kicks and is blocked before getting sparkily slapped again. Slight zoom in as Turbanshell is facing our left, looking prepared for anything.
2521Turbanshell ducks under the sword slash, then blocks the sword with bare hand, sparkily blocks another sword strike with his shell, and then grabs Megazord’s arm on a third strike. The two spin around, Megazord freeing its arm, then striking again, as Turbanshell quickly spins around to block with shell, causing Megazord to stumble off to our right.
2524Close on Turbanshell’s conch shell staff tip, being held to the side and flipped over, then raising up.
2525Turbanshell lifts conch shell staff about, then thrusts it forth, firing a swirling beam of blue energy from it.
2533Turbanshell stands staff up, points forth, motions hand, nods, steps back a few paces, flips staff around, then teleports away, taking the smoke with him.
2536Pan up giant Turbanshell as he strolls through the city, zoom out as he pauses and turns to our left.
2539Facing our left, Turbanshell leans back and laughs, sharp zoom in as he points to our left, then gestures to chest before raising arms up for a second.
2542Turbanshell wipes mouth, then hurries over around the corner.
2543Upward angle, as Turbanshell steps forth, then wipes mouth area with both hands then reaches down at the screen.
2544The monster’s giant hand reaches down and scoops up the crate of various melons from the back of a car.
2545Turbanshell puts the whole crate of melons into his mouth.
2548Turbanshell rises back up, pats stomach with both hands, then rubs it, before turning away.
2549Turbanshell turns to our right and notices Megazord.
2551Sharp zoom in as Turbanshell gestures arms, then dashes forth like a mad man.
2552Megazord’s punch bounces off Turbanshell’s shell, who turns around and ducks and runs by as Megazord punches with right fist. As Megazord turns around, Turbanshell strikes with a headbutt to the chest, followed by a lock-up. The two change positions as they struggle before releasing, Turbanshell turning around and shell-bumps Megazord who throws arms into the air and staggers backwards.
2554Zoom in as Turbanshell gestures arms in a pose, then jumps up.
2555Turbanshell leaps up, curling up legs as he falls through the sky.
2556Close on Turbanshell as he raises arms and retreats into his shell, sealing the hole behind him.
2557Close on Turbanshell’s leg pulling into the shell.
2558Side shot of Turbanshell’s shell flying through the air.
2559Straight-on shot of Turbanshell’s shell flying through the air.
2560Turbanshell collides explosively with the Megazord, losing its cover as a bright flaring of spark bursting is covered by an increasing, superimposed explosion as shot zooms out.
2569Close on Turbanshell as he pops out of his shell, then bounces his head from side to side joyfully.
2571Zoom in, as Turbanshell motions hand, then waves it back and forth in front of mouth as Tyrannosaurus Dinozord stirs partially in frame. Turbanshell makes an inappropriate gesture, then points a claw forcibly downward.
2573Zoom out as Turbanshell motions hands to face then fires yellow eyebeams at our slight right.
2577Turbanshell wiggles fingers as camera zooms out to show downed Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, which Turbanshell approaches.
2579Pan up as Turbanshell strolls through the city, then begins to clutch stomach, writhing about in agony.
2580Close on Turbanshell’s orange belly as smoke begins to rise from the folds of his gut.
2581Close on Turbanshell’s right shoulder as smoke begins to rise out of it.
2582Close on the top of Turbanshell’s head as smoke begins to rise out of it.
2583Zoom out as Turbanshell continues smoking, as he writhes about with a bad case of heartburn.
2587Zoom in as Turbanshell continues to writhe, though the smoke is fading and he seems to be recovering.
2590Zoom out as Turbanshell resumes clutching stomach, smoke rising again, grasping head too.
2598Turbanshell gets sprayed by a blast of frozen mist, overwhelming him.
2599Close on Turbanshell’s face as mist subsides, his whole head white and iced over, as he clutches his forehead. Pan down to Turbanshell’s stomach, which also ices over as Turbanshell writes about in agony.
25100Close on Turbanshell’s shell, as it frosts over, his hands touching the icy surface in pain.
25101Close on Turbanshell’s feet, as both turn frosty, even snowing up the ground around them.
25102Icy Turbanshell begins to spark burst repeatedly.
25103Alternate close-up shot as Turbanshell spark bursts repeatedly.
25104Zoom out as Frosted Turbanshell bursts brightly with sparks, a small ball of green light flying out of his mouth.
25120Zoom in on Frosted Turbanshell as he quivers in fear.
25122A superimposed explosion bursts out brightly, zoom out as the explosion fades into sparkles, and a frosted Turbanshell falls forward, exploding massively into a blinding flash followed by a huge eruption of smoke and fire.


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