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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Two-headed Parrot”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
71Two-Headed Parrot leaps up and strikes both hands forth.
72Two-Headed Parrot sparkily slashes both Green & Red, causing them to fall and roll, then get up in defensive crouches.
73Close on Two-Headed Parrot’s right hand, palm outspread, then flipping it over to show the other side.
74Close on Two-Headed Parrot’s chest face.
75Close on Two-Headed Parrot’s head.
77Slow zoom out from Two-Headed Parrot as he talks, gesturing hand to beak, then tapping stomach-face with other hand and holding up two fingers.
78Two-Headed Parrot faces Red & Green, as they switch positions and pose.
79Two-Headed Parrot gestures to both beak and chest-face at same time, then does another pair of hand movements, before jumping.
710Two-Headed Parrot leaps up, legs bent, arms flapping out to the side.
711Two-Headed Parrot dives between Red & Green, sparkily slashing them on the way by.
712Two-Headed Parrot springs off the trunk of a tree.
713Two-Headed Parrot dives between Green & Red, sparkily slashing them again on the way by.
714Zoom out as Two-Headed Parrot lands, then turns around to face Green & Red, who fall to their knees, but get back up, defensive.
715Close on Two-Headed Parrot raising left arm to chest.
716Close up of Two-Headed Parrot firing pair of feather blades from left forearm.
720Two-Headed Parrot motions left arm to chest-face, sharp zoom in when he releases.
721Close side angle of Two-Headed Parrot’s chest-face snorting off a series of blasts from his nostrils.
724Zoom out as Two-Headed Parrot slowly walks, one foot in front of the other, toward the downed Ranger pair, motioning his arms tauntingly. Red & Green struggle their way back up onto their feet to face him.
726Slow zoom in on Two-Headed Parrot, surprised. He then laughs and taps both his beak and his chest-face.
728Zoom out as Two-Headed Parrot lands and turns around in distance, as the four Rangers rush up and line up to face him.
729Zoom in on Two-Headed Parrot’s chest face as he points forth, once with each hand.
736Two-Headed Parrot hops down from perch high in a tree.
739Two-Headed Parrot smacks Red aside, dodges Yellow, then smack-blocks both Pink & Blue’s Blades, before sparkily slashing Blue, then Pink before turning and blocking Yellow’s hit, then her kick, before sparkily slashing her away. He then sparkily slashes Black off, before turning and ducking under Red’s kick, before blocking his Blade, grabbing his arm.
740Close on Two-Headed Parrot smacking down Red’s Blade before sparkily slashing him away.
743Two-Headed Parrot fires pink lasers from all four of his eyes into a series of beams, pan left as they explosively strike the five Rangers.
746Between Red & Black in the near distance, Two-Headed Parrot gestures arms while talking, then wagging his right index finger.
747Zoom in on Two-Headed Parrot’s chest-face after he motions both hands against it for a moment.
750Two-Headed Parrot blocks Red’s Blade, he does a reverse roundhouse, Parrot ducks, Red thrusts, Parrot blocks, kicks him in the chest, then sparkily slashes him away.
752Close slightly upward on Two-Headed Parrot, walking slowly forth, pointing, then raising left leg up into frame.
753Red grabs Two-Headed Parrot’s right foot when it stomps down on him, holding it off for a few seconds before it finally grinds into his chest.
755Green Ranger leaps in and tackles Two-Headed Parrot, taking him down into a roll across the ground.
757Pamango hits the crouched Two-Headed Parrot in the right arm, causing him to stagger back, grasping arm, then pointing, before reaching down for it.
758Two-Headed Parrot kneels down and picks up the pamango, but nearly fumbles it.
759Two-Headed Parrot stands, but begins to struggle, as each of his arms try to take the pamango from the other one.
768Two-Headed Parrot gets kicked back by Blue & Black’s legs.
770Two-Headed Parrot gets punched back by Pink & Yellow’s fists.
772Two-Headed Parrot gets kicked back by both of Red’s legs.
780Two-Headed Parrot spark bursts twice, before being blown off his feet by a ground explosion.
781Two-Headed Parrot falls and rolls across the lawn, getting up on one knee, clutching chest and holding other arm up, before falling back over.
783Two-Headed Parrot finishes standing up, a bit wobbily, but spreads arms out.
784Two-Headed Parrot grows gigantic amid fading updraft of smoke.
792Two-Headed Parrot spreads arms up, poses, then rushes forth and prepares to jump.
793Close on Two-Headed Parrot’s feet coming together and jumping up.
794Two-Headed Parrot leaps up in the air, and springs fists forth during zoom in.
795Two-Headed Parrot lands against Dragonzord & Megazord, sparkily slashing both away.
797Two-Headed Parrot rises up, spreads arms high, then rushes at us, flapping his wings.
798Two-Headed Parrot prances over, ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, blocks Megazord’s kick, gets his kicked blocked by Megazord, ducks under Dragon’s tail again, then sparkily slashes him, then faces Mega again.
799Close on Two-Headed Parrot spreading arms, then zoom in as he crosses left arm over chest-face.
7100Close on Two-Headed Parrot’s left arm firing three feather darts.
7105Zoom out as Dragonzord sparkily slashes Two-Headed Parrot with his tail, tries to do it again but the monster rolls under. Parrot and Dragon get in an arm lock, but eventually break off. Parrot kicks, Dragon blocks, Parrot kicks other leg, Dragon blocks, Parrot punches, Dragon blocks then preemptively slaps first.
7106Close on Dragonzord sparkily slapping Two-Headed Parrot away.
7107Two-Headed Parrot falls and rolls, struggling slowly to get back up and face front.
7112Two-Headed Parrot shakes, then backs up and bends a bit, clearly turning chicken.
7114Two-Headed Parrot gets a fireball burst superimposed over him, which flares out, leaving him twirling amid sparks. Upon falling on the ground, he then erupts into a quick but bright explosion, with a spark-burst chaser, turning him into an ex-parrot.


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