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151Under the sea, Oysterizer bows forth, then rises back up, kneeling, waving arms about.
152Reverse angle, Oysterizer bows forth in front of a giant clam, which opens revealing the Ecocyte Pearl. Oysterizer rushes forth, dotes over the pearl, then turns toward the camera, claps, bows, and pumps fist into the air.
1550Under the sea, close on the Megazord as it sinks directly down in the ocean.
1551Under the sea, alternate shot close on the Megazord as it sinks directly down in the ocean.
1552Under the sea, close on the sea floor as Megazord lands both feet on the bottom of the ocean.
1553Under the sea, Megazord takes a look around at the sea floor, then slowly marches forth.
1554Under the sea, Megazord walks across the ocean bottom to our left, then pauses, looks around, zoom in as it appears to spot something.
1555Under the sea, Sharp zoom in on the Ecocyte Pearl, sitting inside of a giant, open clamshell, glowing.
1556Under the sea, Close on the Ecocyte Pearl inside of a giant, open clamshell, glowing.
1558Under the sea, Megazord raises its right arm, then lowers, firing orange beam with blue electricity from horn to our slight left.
1559Under the sea, the Ecocyte Pearl explodes, as seen between Megazord’s legs.
1561Under the sea, Giant Oysterizer is casually strolling along the sea floor, when he spots the visitor, quick zoom in as he reacts, spreading arms in anger, then rushing forth.
1562Under the sea, zoom in on Megazord as it looks to its left, at us.
1563Under the sea, Oysterizer punches at camera in zoom in.
1564Under the sea, Oysterizer sparkily punches Megazord, with each fist, then sparkily kicks it back.
1565Under the sea, Oysterizer raises arms up and waves them from side to side, then readies fists and punches both of them forth during zoom in.
1566Under the sea, Oysterizer double-punches Megazord, bright spark-bursting it into a stagger away.
1567Under the sea, Megazord falls onto the ground on its chest, then rolls to its left side as shot zooms in.
1568Under the sea, Oysterizer does some arm gesturing, then rushes forth.
1569Under the sea, zoom in on the downed Megazord as it reacts to the approaching menace.
1570Under the sea, Oysterizer goes over and stomps left foot onto Megazord, grinding heel in as it grabs at his leg during zoom in.
1571Under the sea, reverse angle, Oysterizer continues grinding his heel into Megazord’s chest plate.
1575Under the sea, Dragonzord slowly stirs from its oceanic slumber, leaning back, stretching and roaring.
1576Under the sea, close-up of Dragonzord’s chest-plate as the five red lights blink, one after the other.
1577Under the sea, Dragonzord stretches and roars, then turns to our left and slowly lumbers that way.
1578Under the sea, Dragonzord strolls to our left.
1579Under the sea, closer on Dragonzord as it strolls to our left.
1580Under the sea, Oysterizer’s lording over Megazord comes to an end when Dragonzord’s tail sparkily knocks him off.
1581Under the sea, Oysterizer goes flipping backwards through the ocean, taking off into the horizon.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).