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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Viewing Globe”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
31[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Slight pan down to Jellyfish as he approaches silver metal pole, whipping his tentacle arm about.
320[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Jellyfish dances about in place, as four or five Putties make their usual movements scattered around him, all facing an outdoor water fountain in foreground.
61[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Grumble Bee staggers backward in fear.
636[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Close side angle on Grumble Bee’s hands, as they unclench from fists.
637[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Slightly upward close on Grumble Bee, as he gets into a visible laughing fit.
94[Partially altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] As Lizzinator roars and slashes arms about, debris falling behind him as he does so.
1067[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] The vine-wrapped Rangers slowly rise up, still bound to each other, out of their heap.
1172[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe] Green falls and rolls, getting up in a crouch, clutching chest, as Red comes over and crouches with him, posing defensively.
1173[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe] Close on Slippery Shark, readying fin blade for more carnage, then looking upward.


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